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Unistik® 3
Side-activated safety lancets, designed to provide maximum comfort

SKU #: 04-06683
23g x 1.8mm, Box of 200


Side-activated safety lancets, designed to provide maximum comfort

Unistik 3 single-use safety lancets provide an easy and convenient way to perform capillary blood samples for tests including glucose, cholesterol, PT/INR, blood gas and other capillary tests.

Featuring Comfort Zone Technology® (CZT®) and side-activation, Unistik® 3 was designed to reduce pain for a more comfortable sampling experience. Independent clinical data* shows that Unistik® 3 safety lancets with CZT® reduce pain, resulting in a more comfortable experience for the patient. CZT® is comprised of eight raised pressure points on the patient end of the safety lancet. This patented technology sends a signal of comfort to the brain, helping to eliminate the pain associated with the fingerstick.

The Unistik®3 range features an ergonomic design for complete confidence and control during the sampling procedure, and a permanently retractable needle to protect users against potential needlestick injury and cross contamination. This safety lancet also features an indicator for accurate positioning, a lock-out indicator that prevents and identifies attempts at re-use, and laser-etched lot numbers on individual devices for enhanced traceability.

– Broad range of depth and gauge specifications to meet nearly any testing need or preference
– Features Comfort Zone Technology® for enhanced comfort
– Laser-etched lot numbers provide traceability and peace-of-mind
– Manufactured in England to exacting standards
– Needle retracts immediately after use to reduce the risk of needlestick injuries
– Lock out indicator prevents reuse
– Indicator for targeted positioning