Crestline Ambulance Models

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Crestline Ambulances are built to last. They come in Type I and Type III ambulances, built on a Ford or GM chassis, and have a lower cost of ownership due to their superior durability.

Count on Crestline Ambulances with their 40+ years of emergency vehicle experience and reliability.  Crestline Ambulances are built with safety, innovation and durability in mind.  They use ergonomic solutions to make paramedics' jobs easier and provide the most comfortable working environment.


Crestline Ambulances’ features incorporate convenient design and forward thinking at an affordable price:
• All standard features are included
• Offer the deepest recess in the industry
• Built with a convenient location for the map bin
• Optional laptop mount available

Crestline Ambulances are committed to continuous improvement and quality products by exploring new opportunities with innovation and technology. Demers Braun Crestline is a global leader in emergency specialty vehicle manufacturing so you are sure to get the best vehicle for EMS professionals.

Safety. Innovation. Durability.

Paramedic and patient safety is our first priority. Crestline ambulances are manufactured by the industry’s most skilled team of associates and stand up to the most demanding performance and durability standards.


Crestline's ACETECH Integrated Vehicle Intelligence solution is an optional vehicle performance, monitoring and control system. Elevate efficiency, protect your vehicles and staff while reducing fuel and operating costs.

Legacy Continues

Crestline Coach Ltd. was founded by three Saskatchewan entrepreneurs eager to prove to the world that they could build a better ambulance. Even after 40+ years, Crestline continues to provide top quality specialty vehicles within our community and North America.

Two Model Options: Crestline Type I and Type III

Crestline ambulance models come in two different types available in the United States: CCL 150 Type I and CCL 150 Type III. While looking for a new ambulance, the crucial first step is knowing the difference between the options and knowing which best suits your needs. Today’s ambulance market is flooded with brands, so make sure to choose a well-known ambulance manufacturer and get the best quality product.

Crestline CCL 150 Type I Ambulance

The Crestline CCL 150 Type I ambulance is perhaps the most recognizable EMS vehicle. This model has a square patient compartment mounted on a chassis built for a heavy truck. This gives it a heavy duty body with extra cargo capacity.
Due to their extra room in the body of the vehicle, this model is sometimes referred to as a Mobile Intensive Care Unit and can be used for advanced life support.

Crestline CCL 150 Type III Ambulance

The Crestline CCL 150 Type III ambulance has a square patient compartment similar to the Type I ambulance, but mounted on a cutaway van chassis. While not as heavy duty, this gives it a more integrated area between the patient compartment and cab.

As with the Type I, the Type III options are commonly used in advanced life support (ALS) situations. However, Type III ambulances usually have much more room for equipment. Because of the extra storage space, they are easy to use during specific assignments such as chemical plants, airports, oil refineries, or other places where specialized equipment and extra storage is necessary.