Our History

  • Founded  

     - 1987

    During its first three years, the company distributed products supplied by another company in Cleveland, owned by Tom Skilling. As demand grew, the Cleveland company closed its doors. In March 1987, the company moved into a house located in Warren, Ohio which was the home of the company’s President, Shawn Bryant. There, six employees turned out the complete line of emergency products and vehicles.

  • Sales Skyrocket  

     - 1989

    Company sales go over the 1 million dollar mark.

  • The Big Move  

     - 1990

    Company outgrows the home of the President Shawn Bryant & relocates to a warehouse in Warren, Ohio.

  • Rapid Growth  

     - 1991

    The young company prospers and earns a reputation for quality of service and quick delivery. Company struggles with growth and streamlines product mix, eliminating the rescue division.

  • Company Continues to Grow  

     - 1993

    Company growth forces a move to a larger facility.

  • Enter the Software Market  

     - 1994

    Company begins development on a software package to document trip sheet data electronically. Teams up with Apple Computer using the Apple Newton as the handheld device.

  • A Permanent Home  

     - 1997

    After years of renting various properties, company moves into permanent home at 1317 North Road in Niles, Ohio.

  • Ever Expanding  

     - 2000

    Company enters the next century with steady growth and a consistent business plan. Expands both the emergency vehicle and software division.

  • 15th Anniversary  

     - 2002

    Company celebrates its 15th anniversary in business.

  • Disaster Division Expands Product Line  

     - 2004

    Company expands the Mass Casualty equipment offering to include Command Trailers, Decon Shelters and ICS equipment as customer base attempts to meet the needs as First Responders for Homeland Security.

  • 20th Anniversary  

     - 2007

    Penn Care celebrates 20th year in business and adds over 500 emsCharts customers.

  • Wins Major Bid  

     - 2008

    Penn Care awarded major Surge Project for the State of Pennsylvania, over 600 emsCharts customers acquired.

  • Territories Expansion  

     - 2009

    Company expands into several new states, emsCharts customer base now exceeds 2,000 customers.

  • The Growth Continues  

     - 2010

    Penn Care hires four new employees and completes international sales to organizations in Pakistan, Haiti and Saudi Arabia. Yearly emsCharts sales top 1 million dollars.

  • 25th Anniversary  

     - 2012

    Company celebrates its 25th anniversary in business.

  • Ambulance Division Grows  

     - 2013

    Company’s Braun and Medix territories were expanded into Kentucky and Indiana

  • Software Division Continues to Grow  

     - 2014

    Company’s emsCharts.com Territory expanded into Kentucky, Tennessee, and New Jersey.

  • 30th Anniversary  

     - 2017

    Company celebrates its 30th anniversary in business.

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