Welcome to Penn Care

Passion is defined as a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or of doing something. This passion is what Shawn Bryant & Don Bloom had for their company from the beginning over 30 years ago…the dream of something great was to be created through hard work and persistence.
In those days it was only us, not knowing if anyone would want us, nor if we had what it took to survive.
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As we began to grow, we were committed to a firm belief in core values backed up by hard work from a well-trained and dedicated team that relentlessly strives for perfection.  We insisted on honesty, reliability, loyalty, and respect for the individuals in which we came in contact.
Don & Shawn knew that exceeding customers' expectations requires a well-rehearsed cast, with every member playing a significant role. Our employees are the hands, heart, and hustle that makes Penn Care work.
We also realize that every customer is an individual and that every individual has different needs and expectations.  Being small allows us to know our customers, treat them honestly and with respect, and cater to their individual needs, be it an ambulance, command vehicle, charting software, or just a stethoscope. 
We are a very small part of the health care system, and our customers do multiple jobs.  You may be taking inventory one minute and running calls the next.  This multitasking demands that your time is at a premium, and we work hard to make our part of your job as easy as possible.  You need consistency, you need convenience and you need options.  It is the consistency of the experience that will keep you coming back.