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Ambulance Servicing- HVAC System

Spring is well underway and its time to discuss your ambulances’ air conditioning! For those of you in the south, it is a year-round event to keep the AC performing at its peak. For those of us in the snow-belt, we tend to forget about it for a few months; it is a good idea

User Interface Products Cleaning Recommendations, COVID-19

To help prevent the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) and other infectious diseases, we recommend that exposed surfaces of products like displays, switches, and controllers be included in your department’s cleaning and decontamination procedures. User Interface Cleaning process: Personal protective equipment should be worn during any disinfection processes. Before using any cleaner, ensure the disinfectant

Carmel Fire Department Teams Up with Penn Care to Stop the Bleed!

The national Stop the Bleed program is an awareness campaign which is a call to action for bystanders to become trained to help in the event of a bleeding emergency.  The Stop the Bleed campaign traces its origins to the aftermath of the traumatic school shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School which was in

Meet Our Team: Kris Wyant

Kris Wyant is one of our Ambulance Sales Representatives for the state of Pennsylvania.  Kris joined the Penn Care team in January of 2019 overseeing the South Central portion of the state.  Kris has been in public safety for over 20 years.  He is a nationally registered AEMT, volunteer firefighter EMS Instructor and agency medical

Meet Our Team: Chris Lucas

Chris Lucas has rejoined Penn Care’s team after a brief hiatus.  Chris is our EMS Supplies and Software Sales Representative for Southeast Ohio and West Virginia territories.  This is Chris’ second time with Penn Care. Here is a brief summary of the past 8 years: 4 1/2 years with Penn Care, then Chris worked in ambulance

Meet Our Team: Jamie Bortmas

Jamie Bortmas joined the Penn Care team in September of 2018.  She started out as our Accounts Receivable Agent and was promoted in 2019 to our in-house Accountant.  She was recently named as the 2019 Employee of the Year. Prior to joining our team, Jamie worked at an Accounting firm for 13 years. She has

Meet Our Team: Frank Dillon

Frank Dillon works part-time as our Ambulance Parts & Warranty support person. Frank has been a personal friend of Penn Care as he has known our two owners since the 1980’s when they all worked side-by-side.  Frank officially joined our team about 5 years ago as an ambulance driver when he retired from full-time Law Enforcement.

Penn Care We Care Program: Ambulance Donation to the Bahamas

Penn Care recently donated one of our Pre-Owned ambulances to the Cat Cay Medical Clinic Foundation located in the Bahamas.  The 2003 MedTec Type I ambulance was a trade-in vehicle from Rescue Hose and Ladder Company Ambulance Service located in Curwensville, PA. This unit will be used on the Bahama Island of Andros, a 100 mile

Meet Our Team: David Chicoine

David Chicoine is our Purchasing & Service Manager here at Penn Care.  He is our medical supply purchaser while overseeing the warehouse operations.  He is also responsible for our ambulance customer service inquiries including warranty, service & part issues. David was hired in the Fall of 2016, however, he has been a part of our

Meet Our Team: Hilliary Thomas

  Hilliary Thomas recently joined our team in April of 2018 as our Administrative Assistant & Customer Service Agent for our Medical division.   Her responsibilities include answering phones, assisting with EMS supply order entry, and online cart support.  She enjoys the fast-paced environment of her position here at Penn Care, as she is always doing many

Meet Our Team: Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham is our newest Medical Supply Sales Representative, currently prospecting in Illinois.  Prior to joining our team, he was a Social Studies teacher and worked in sales with Farmers Insurance.  He is a graduate from Youngstown State University with a Bachelor Degree in Education. Bill resides in Girard, Ohio. He is an avid sports fan, favoring

Penn Care We Care Program: WV Day 2018 Facebook Campaign for Flood Relief

This year for West Virginia Day, which is a state holiday celebrated every June 20th in the state of West Virginia, Penn Care donated for each LIKE during a recent campaign on Penn Care’s Facebook page. Through this Facebook campaign, Penn Care contributed to the West Virginia Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters (WV VOAD) towards their efforts for

Meet Our Team: Chance Kimble

  Chance Kimble is now our Virginia Ambulance Salesman representing Braun Ambulances, Medix Specialty Vehicles, ambulance remounts & pre-owned ambulance sales.  Chance recently joined the Penn Care Team after he left his position as Supervisor of the Medic V team at The University of Virginia.  Chance wanted to pursue a position where he could continue

Meet Our Team: Jeramey May

Jeramey May is our new Indiana EMS Supplies and Software Sales Representative.  Prior to joining our team, he was an Orthopedic Sales Representative, and began his career as a Surgical Tech. This background and his knowledge of medical equipment will make for a great addition to the Penn Care team. Jeramey has a 13 year

Meet Our Team: Jarrod Gilliam

Jarrod Gilliam is one of our Ambulance Sales Representatives for the state of Kentucky.  Jarrod joined the Penn Care team in September of 2017.  Jarrod came to us with a vast knowledge of first responder and service technician experience. He has been a Firefighter for 20 years & an EMT for 18 years.  He currently is a full

Meet Our Team: Dave DiDesiderio

Dave DiDesiderio joined Penn Care’s team in 2017 as the Sales Manager in the Medical and Software Divisions. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations from Westminster College. Dave comes to us from the EMS industry where he worked for 13 years as an EMT and Director of Sales and Marketing at Noga Ambulance

Meet Our Team: P. J. Lukasewski

P. J. Lukasewski is our Northwest Ohio Ambulance Salesman, representing Braun Ambulances & Medix Specialty Vehicles.  P. J. just joined our team in August of 2017.  He has 12 years of sales and sales management experience in the transportation industry. We believe that these skills will translate well into Penn Care team. P. J. grew-up in Amherst, Ohio.

Penn Care We Care Program: Summer Program Food Drive 2017

Penn Care employees participated in our second “We Care Program” which is a give-back program to benefit our community by performing charitable activities with local non-profits. Our employees collectively purchased 50 bags of tortilla chips and 50 jars of salsa, which were donated to Making Kids Count a local non-profit serving the Mahoning Valley of Ohio for

Celebrating Our 30th & Giving a Chance to Win an Ambulance

  This year is a special year for us. Penn Care is celebrating 30 years of serving the EMS Community.  On March 16th of 1987 Penn Care established our business where six employees turned out a complete line of emergency products and vehicles in Warren, Ohio.   We then risked everything in a leap of faith

Meet Our Team: Lindsay Montgomery

Lindsay Montgomery recently joined our team in November of 2016 as our Ambulance Sales Support.   Her position within our company is to assist us in organizing our very active Ambulance division. Her responsibilities include communicating with our Sales Representatives, managing our ambulance inventory, billing/invoicing our sold units and scheduling our ambulance deliveries. Lindsay studied

Meet Our Team: Rick Bell

Rick Bell is our Ambulance Sales Representative for Kentucky. Rick joined the Penn Care team after Life Star Rescue’s closure in June of 2014. Rick has been selling ambulances since 1998. He is also a retired Firefighter/Paramedic from the Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky International Airport. Rick resides in Alexandria, KY with his wife Barbara. They have

Penn Care We Care Program: Food Drive 2016

This past week Penn Care officially began our new “We Care Program” which is a give-back program to benefit our community by performing charitable activities with local non-profits. Our employees kicked-off this new “We Care Program” by gathering non-perishable foods which were then donated to the Trumbull County Take Flight non-profit located in Warren, OH. The Trumbull

Meet Our Team: Corinthian Dieter

Corinthian Dieter has been with our team since December of 2014.  Corinthian started as a part-time temporary employee. She now works full-time and assists us in our in-house marketing. She manages our online presence by performing website maintenance and administering our social media accounts. She also prepares graphics for print publications and tradeshow materials.  She

Braun Strong

FOCUS ON SAVING YOUR PATIENTS’ LIVES. LET BRAUN FOCUS ON SAVING YOURS. Braun Industries has a long-standing commitment to safety and quality. With an ever-increasing eye for safety by the emergency-vehicle industry, they have the test data and the visual evidence that demonstrates that a Braun ambulance is truly “Built For Life”. For decades, Braun

Meet Our Team: Stephanie Clemens

Stephanie Clemens has been with the Penn Care team for 8 years. Her position within our company has evolved over the years and she has worn many hats.   When she first joined our team, she was the Purchasing Agent for our medical division. Currently, she is our Accounts Receivable Agent overseeing the billing & collecting

Meet Our Team: Ryan Quahliero

Ryan Qualhiero is one of our Ambulance Sales Representative for Pennsylvania, representing Braun Ambulances, Medix Specialty Vehicles & Fastlane Emergency Vehicles. Since joining our team in the Fall of 2014, he has been the recipient of Penn Care’s 2015 Rookie of the Year award & Sales Achievement awards.  With most recently being awarded the 2018

Meet Our Team: Lisa Brewster

Lisa Brewster has been with Penn Care since the Winter of 2015 as one of our EMS Supplies & Software Sales Representative.  Her territory for EMS Supplies is West Virginia & Southern Ohio. She is the Software Representative for Southeast Ohio & West Virginia. Lisa is a graduate of Youngstown State University. She has a

Meet Our Team: Danny White

Danny White is our Manager of the Ambulance Parts, Service, Warranties, and Logistics Department for Penn Care. Danny joined our team in May of 2014 after working in the banking industry for 36 years with a local $500 million community bank as the Chief Lending Officer. Danny’s sales and customer service experience has assisted him

Meet Our Team: Annmarie Atkinson

Annmarie Atkinson has been with our team since 2009. She first started as a part-time support person for our e-commerce website. In 2010, Annmarie was promoted to the position of Office Administrative Assistant where she did daily office tasks and was the administrator to our e-commerce shopping cart. The combination of her previous positions created

Meet Our Team: Mike Milo

Mike Milo is our Southwest Ohio Ambulance Salesman, representing Braun Ambulances, Medix Specialty Vehicles and ambulance remounts. Mike just joined our team in March of 2016 after working in overseas manufacturing for the past 10 years. In his time as both a Sales Representative and Sales Manager, Mike worked in Development, Design, and Service in his previous

Meet Our Team: Ron Tyndall

  Ron Tyndall has been with Penn Care for seventeen years making him one of the company’s most devoted employees. In 1998, Ron was hired to work in the warehouse where he assisted in receiving, packaging and purchasing for our EMS Supplies. In 2000, he was promoted to Warehouse Manager, as he became responsible for all EMS

Meet Our Team: Tara Savon

Tara Savon is a Sales Representative for our EMS Supplies & Software Divisions.  Her primary territory is New Jersey, Kentucky and South Western Ohio.   Penn Care’s former Sales Manager, Jamie Ciccone, recruited Tara and in January of 2016 she began working at Penn Care. Tara has been in sales for 14 years.  Prior to joining

Meet Our Team: Jeannette Chicoine

Jeannette Chicoine has been with Penn Care for 21 years making her a devoted employee. She originally met our Vice President, Don Bloom, while she was a Dispatcher at Lane LifeTrans in Austintown, Ohio. In 1995, Don hired Jeannette to work in the warehouse where she executed receiving, packaging and purchasing for our EMS Supplies. Over the years

Meet Our Team: Patrick McFall

Patrick McFall is your Ambulance Sales Representative for Northeast Ohio, representing Braun and Medix Ambulances, ambulance remounts and pre-owned ambulance sales. Patrick joined the Penn Care team in 2013 after leaving his position as Director of Operations with the Boy Scouts of America, serving local youth and volunteers for over 10 years. During his time

Meet Our Team: Joe Engelhardt

Joe Engelhardt is our Ambulance Sales Representatives for West Virginia & Virginia.  Joe’s primary territory is West Virginia where he sells Braun Ambulances & Medix Specialty Vehicles. He also sells Braun Ambulances in the northern portion of Virginia. Joe has over 20 years of sales experience.  Prior to joining our team, Joe previously worked for American LaFrance Fire

USDOT Expands Takata Air Bag Inflator Recalls; Affects Ambulances

The United States Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is expanding and accelerating the recall of Takata air bag inflators. The decision follows the agency’s confirmation of the root cause behind the inflators’ propensity to rupture. Ruptures of the Takata inflators have been tied to ten deaths and more than 100 injuries in

Meet Our Team: Taylor Pease

Taylor Pease has been with Penn Care for 17 years, he started working here right after graduating in 1999. Taylor had met Shawn Bryant & Don Bloom while working through school as a Lifeguard at Avalon County Club in Warren, OH. They saw potential and hired him to sell medical supplies specializing in the Stryker cot

Braun Strong

  Braun Industries debuted the first ambulance rollover crash test at FDIC 2016! Now, we’re sharing that footage with you…check out the footage below!  About the Industry’s First Rollover Ambulance Crash Test Earlier this year, Braun Industries began crash testing ambulance modules. With a long standing commitment to safety and quality, they wanted to provide customers and

Meet Our Team: Tony Crum

Tony Crum is our Ambulance Sales Representative for Indiana, representing Braun Ambulances, Medix Specialty Vehicles and ambulance remounts.  Tony joined the Penn Care team after Life Star Rescue’s closure in June of 2014. Tony started selling Braun Ambulances in 2001 and was the top Braun sales representative in 2009 & 2010.  Prior to employment in the

Meet Our Team: Tyler Keeley

  Tyler Keeley started working at Penn Care while he was still in high school by cutting the grass, taking out the trash and other miscellaneous tasks around the office. After graduating from high school, Tyler began working in our warehouse by assisting with packing EMS supply orders.  During this time Tyler attended EMT school to make

Meet Our Team: Don Bloom

Don Bloom, Vice President, co-founded Penn Care in 1987 with Shawn Bryant. Don was a Field Paramedic for several years. This in turn led to Don being the Former EMS Director at Trumbull County Vocational School (Warren, Ohio) and the EMT Instructor for Ohio Department of Education. He is currently the State Director for the National EMT Association

Meet Our Team: Shawn Bryant

Shawn Bryant, President, co-founded Penn Care in 1987 with Donald Bloom.  Shawn, an alumni of Lakeview High School (Cortland, Ohio), continued his studies at Hiram College (Hiram, Ohio) pursuing the Physician’s Assistant Program.  He holds a Paramedic Certification from Brown Memorial Hospital (Conneaut, Ohio).  Additionally, Shawn has a Fire Science Degree from University of Akron (Akron,

emsCharts Announces New Products and Enhancements at Annual User Conference

Yesterday, April 30th, during the emsCharts 2015 Annual User Conference, emsCharts announced new products and features including an enhanced analytics component to their web-based patient charting solution and the development of a Hospital Status Board system. During the Product Roadmap session, Pete Goutmann, President and Chief Technology Officer at emsCharts demonstrated new analytics functionality currently

Chevy’s Decision Will Affect the Ambulance Industry

Attention Ambulance Owners: General Motors has announced that they are discontinuing the 6.6L Diesel (LGH) engines on van products effective May 2017 with the last planned production date of December 2016. This news will affect our two dealers: Braun Ambulance & Medix Specialty Vehicles. They will have to stop offering the Chevy G series options

New Requirement Will Affect Your Ambulance Costs

Are you planning on purchasing an ambulance this year? You may have to add up to $42,000 to your budget due to a proposed Change Notice #8 from the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). The safety and design standards for ambulances in the U.S. will soon be changing, but while the new requirements are supposed to be

Ford Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors Recalled

Ford is issuing a safety recall for approximately 6,500 2011-2013 Ford F-Series Super Duty ambulance vehicles and 2014-2015 Ford F-Series Super Duty ambulance and emergency vehicles equipped with 6.7-liter diesel engines in North America (actual 6,472). The exhaust gas temperature sensors may not function properly, causing the vehicle to incorrectly identify a high temperature condition.

2015 Medix Ford Transit Type II Ambulance

This Model is Economical at 16MPG We have the rare opportunity to introduce a new ambulance to the market. Currently Ford Econoline Ambulances have been with us for years now. To facilitate the constantly changing EMS industry a new ambulance platform was needed. Ford’s new “One Ford” plan is integrating all of the company’s separate divisions

Braun Ambulance E-Z O2 Lift

For the past 42 years, Braun Industries has been the leader in custom handcrafted ambulances. They have been committed to passing the knowledge, skills, and experience down to the next generations of their family owned operation. They are now under the leadership of the third generation and are still focused on delivering the finest emergency

Ferno Integrated Patient Transport and Loading System (iN/X)

The iN/X is the first of its kind: a powered self-loading stretcher. Watching it being put through its paces at the conference was astounding. Everyone in the room knew they were looking at the next big thing in EMS. The iN/X has elegant, futuristic lines and a slick tricolor paint scheme. The legs look like

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