BP Cuff, Para-Cuff System 5 Multicuff,


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System 5™
Portable 5 Cuff Sphyg

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By: ADC  |  MPN: 740-N
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By: ADC  |  MPN: 740-OR

Common Additions:

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BP Gauge, ADC for Palm-Held Series -

By: ADC  |  MPN: 804N


The most compact, ergonomically designed, and affordably priced portable 5 cuff blood pressure system on the market.
The System 5™ features:
• A multi-pocketed, heavy duty 600D nylon attaché style case that keeps each component securely in place, yet instantly accessible
• Dual zipper closure permits rapid access, and protects against the elements
• Measures a compact 10” x 9” x 4” when closed, weighs just 2 1/2 lbs.
• Compact enough to fit in most emergency bags or trauma boxes
• Reinforced carry handle allows for wall mounting in the open position
• Includes Child, Small Adult, Adult, Large Adult, and Thigh Adcuff™ nylon cuffs featuring the Size Guide™ marking system
• Now built with metal bayonette connector to permit rapid selection of the appropriate cuff
• Revolutionary Diagnostix™ #804 palm style manometer with precision Japanese engineered movement rated to 50,000 cycles
• Ambidextrous trigger release air valve
• Not made with natural rubber latex
• Assembled, inspected, and packaged in the U.S.A. from foreign components
• Meets or exceeds ANSI/AAMI/ISO 81060-1

Replacement Parts:
Gauge: 804N
Crystal: NA
Ring: NA
Spring/Clip/Pin: NA
Cuff 1: 830-9COR
Cuff 2: 830-10SAOR
Cuff 3: 830-11AOR
Cuff 4: 830-12XOR
Cuff 5: 830-13TOR
Bladder 1: 815-9C
Bladder 2: 815-10SA
Bladder 3: 815-11A
Bladder 4: 815-12X
Bladder 5: 815-13T
Cuff and Bladder 1: 845-9COR-1
Cuff and Bladder 2: 845-10SAOR-1
Cuff and Bladder 3: 845-11AOR-1
Cuff and Bladder 4: 845-12XOR-1
Cuff and Bladder 5: 845-13TOR-1
Inflation System:  
Bulb: 804N-109
Valve: NA
Bulb & Valve: NA
Tubing: NA
Connector 1: 804C3
Connector 2: 8974-10
Case: 883O