Mass Fatality Management Solutions

During a mass fatality incident, the surge capacity of traditional morgues and first responders can be overwhelmed by the number of fatalities resulting from such an event. The recovery process may carry on for days or even weeks, and law enforcement may be involved as part of a criminal investigation.

Bodies may require decontamination from biological, chemical, or radiological agents. And as the complexity of emergency management and disaster response increases, at Penn Care, it is essential that our clients’ requirements for mass fatality planning are understood. As the only total solution source in the medical supply industry, Penn Care provides a complete turnkey mass fatality incident management system for forensic equipment and portable morgue units.

Body Processing & Victim Identification

During a mass fatality response it is critical to ensure human remains are treated respectfully and that the decedents are identified and processed in an efficient manner. Penn Care’s Disaster Portable Morgue Unit (DPMU) Systems offer the highest level of discretion for public health preparedness and the management of mass fatalities, recovery of victims, and storage of remains.

Disaster Portable Morgue Unit - DPMU

Our Disaster Portable Morgue Unit – DPMU – is a fully-equipped mobile morgue that enables support services for specially trained disaster mortuary operational response teams to provide morgue support to a mass fatality event.

Refrigerated Portable Morgue Trailers

As part of effective emergency preparedness and fatality management planning, refrigerated trailers offer proper storage of dead bodies until medical examiners or other health professionals  can conduct any necessary examinations and antemortem data collection. When a tragedy overwhelms a local facility’s ability to handle the bodies, a portable morgue trailer from Penn Care provides adequate and respectful housing for the victims.

Mobile Morgue Expansion Trailers - MMET

Our Mobile Morgue Expansion Trailers – MMET – are mobile, self-contained refrigerated trailers and shipping containers used to expand morgue and healthcare facility mortuary capabilities. Trailer options are available in multiple sizes and for multiple budgets.

Mass Casualty Body Refrigeration Systems

One of the most challenging obstacles following a mass fatality incident is the sudden lack of morgue space. Portable mortuary cooling systems for human remains can supplement morgue facilities when refrigerated trailers are not feasible or practical. Mortuary Enhanced Remains Cooling Systems from Penn Care allow for the transformation of any room, such as a gymnasium, conference center, or even a large tent, into a morgue.

Mortuary Enhanced Remains Cooling System - MERC

Our Mortuary Enhanced Remains Cooling System- MERC-  addresses the need for the critical emergency support function of portable cold storage. This product is revolutionizing the way that organizations address their fatality management plan.

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The experts at Penn Care have decades of experience helping public health emergency management agencies with preparedness and mass fatality plans in the event that disaster strikes. We can provide health and safety solutions for everyone from small local jurisdictions to large cities.

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