Mass Fatality Management Solutions

During a mass fatality incident, traditional morgues can be overwhelmed by the volume of bodies from such an event. As the complexity of disaster response increases, it is important that our client’s requirements are understood. As the only total solution source in the industry, Penn Care provides a complete turnkey solution to forensic equipment and portable morgue units.

Body Processing & Identification

Disaster Portable Morgue Unit - DPMU
Our Disaster Portable Morgue Unit – DPMU – is a fully-equipped mobile morgue that supports specially trained teams to provide morgue support to a mass fatality event.

Refrigerated Trailers

Mobile Morgue Expansion Trailers - MMET
Our Mobile Morgue Expansion Trailers – MMET – are mobile, self-contained refrigerated trailers and shipping containers used to expand morgue and hospital mortuary capabilities.

Body Refrigeration

Mortuary Enhanced Remains Cooling System - MERC
Our Mortuary Enhanced Remains Cooling – MERC –  system addresses the need for portable mass fatality cold storage and is revolutionizing the way that organizations prepare for a disaster.
The experts at Penn Care have decades of experience helping everyone from small communities to large cities be prepared in the event that disaster strikes. Be prepared with these mass fatality systems from Penn Care. Contact us today to learn more!