Fastlane Models


FastLane Emergency Vehicles is the premier manufacturer of custom and specialty 1st responder vehicles. FastLane is dedicated to quality and is poised in the market as a national leader in providing custom solutions at a production price point. FastLane endeavors to understand your complete needs and build custom solutions. Don’t pick from a catalog. Instead, a FastLane representative works with you to truly understand your department’s needs and designs to produce a vehicle and layout that will provide years of reliable and effective service. A 1st responder vehicle should last, perform and help you do your job efficiently. A FastLane will do that!
Fastlane Emergency Vehicles is a wholly owned subsidiary of Autolycus Industries Inc., a Virginia corporation. In operation since 1995 and fully incorporated in 1997, Fastlane Emergency Vehicles was founded by corporate president, Robert W. Ritchie (Firefighter-Paramedic) for the sole purpose of manufacturing custom, specialty response and command vehicles for the public safety markets. Operating from a seven thousand square foot facility located in Purcellville, Virginia, Fastlane employs over a dozen, skilled personnel ready to use the latest in technology and care to create a custom conversion to your exacting specifications. Fastlane is represented in over twelve states by five dealerships up and down the east cost of the United States.
The Fastlane line of 1st responder vehicles are available in five types: EMS Response, Incident Command, Special Operations, Swift Water and Wildland Fire. Each Fastlane 1st responder vehicle is specially designed to cater to the needs of the operation required.


FastPLEX™ is standard on every new FastLane. FastPLEX™ system comes with a front 4.3” TFT touchscreen panel that acts as both the message display and switch panel for a clean, compact design. Fully IP67 compliant, this panel can be mounted virtually anywhere on the vehicle (inside and out). In addition the FastPLEX™ system includes CAN bus communication with vehicle and modules, 16 integrated inputs and 32 low and high current outputs for powerful control of all added equipment.


Templox™ is FastLane’s climate control and temperature regulation module. Featuring all solid-state components with a digital controller, Templox™ can be integrated into your new FastLane cabinet or purchased for your own vehicle as a stand-alone unit. Templox™ can drive temperatures as much as 40 degrees above or below ambient automatically heating or cooling depending on the outside temperature.

Cabinet Systems

FastLane offers custom cabinetry options for your fleet emergency vehicles. There’s options and features to meet the needs of any First Responder. Though if you can’t seem to find something that suits your particular requirements, then don’t hesitate to contact Penn Care as we will work with FastLane to fully customize a system that works with you to meet your design expectations.


FastLane is the only conversion company to have a system like this and is the only conversion company to engineer its own true electrical control system. Unlike the rocker switches and hardwired systems used by our competition, FastLane's system uses no moving parts. With no relays, no breakers and no high current switching, this system incorporates all load shedding, flashing options, load protection and is easily programmed using a standard laptop without the need for expensive proprietary software.


Unlike most competitors, Fastlane completely disassembles the interior and exterior trim of your vehicle before any harnesses are run or parts are installed. This allows your conversion harnesses to be installed identically to the OEM harnesses in the vehicle. While other conversion companies run wires behind door trim and under carpet, Fastlane looms and protects all harnesses and runs them down the frame rails and OEM wire chases to produce not only a vehicle that is easier to service, but complies with standards set forth by the chassis automakers.


FastLane will assist in producing a comprehensive set of true specifications that leave nothing to chance. Don't settle for the two page "grocery list" of the competitors for specifications, choose FastLane's full build order driven system. FastLane is the only command and response conversion company that concentrates on this important market segment exclusively. While other competitors work outside this primary market building everything from dog grooming vans to tow trucks, FastLane avoids such distractions allowing us to concentrate on the latest technology, trends and innovation. This brings an expert to the table for all of your command and response needs.