Mass Oxygen Distribution System Types

Choosing an Oxygen Distribution System

When a natural disaster or mass casualty event strikes, a mass oxygen distribution system is a life-saving necessity.  Penn Care is proud to offer the best selection of mass oxygen distribution systems and solutions on the market.  We offer three options of mass oxygen devices- click on the tabs below to view the different products available at Penn Care.

Each mass oxygen device is designed to fill specific needs, so make sure to find the best fit for your facility. Each mass oxygen unit administers oxygen to different amounts of patients, with some providing individual oxygen flow amounts

  • Administer oxygen immediately from high pressure gas cylinders or liquid oxygen VGL sources with this mass oxygen device
  • Choose from any combination of flow meters to meet specific incident demands
  • Interface circuits allow for seamless switching between high or low pressure (LOX) sources with no interruption in 02 administration
  • Oxygenation for up to 27 hours at 150LPM with a 280 liter tank
  • Accommodates up to 24 patients at once
  • No need to stop oxygen distribution while refilling
  • 5 year warranty from manufacturer
  • Mass oxygen device provides a Single Staging Point for Multiple Patients (7 Patients per Kit)
  • Single Gas Source Connects to Multi-Outlet Manifold
  • Sturdy Base Stores 20 Feet of Oxygen Hose
  • Each outlet provides 0- 25 LPM
  • Built-In Regulator Allows for Gas Pressure Adjustment
  • Watertight, Protective Hard Case
  • Kit is clearly Marked for Easy Identification
  • Mass oxygen device provides for the rapid triage deployment of six (0 to 25 LPM) Flowmeters that can run off the ambulances onboard oxygen system
  • The flexibility of individually controlling each patient’s LPM requirement
  • All-Metal Flowmeters are extremely durable and are non-gravity sensitive
  • The entire system will run off any 50 PSI oxygen source capable of delivering 150 LPM
  • Unique 20 ft leader hose provides clearance from the ambulance before the first independent flowmeter
  • Unique 6 ft spaces between each flowmeter to provide space to treat each patient with 50 ft overall length
  • Unique 2 way swivel tee configuration
  • Unique lanyards at each flowmeter for hanging on IV poles or wall brackets
  • Includes a compact canvas carrying case

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