Choosing an Oxygen Distribution Systems Solutions

When a natural disaster or mass casualty event strikes, a mass oxygen distribution system is a life-saving necessity.  Penn Care is proud to offer the best selection of mass oxygen distribution systems and solutions on the market.  We offer three options of mass oxygen devices- click on the tabs below to view the different products available at Penn Care. Each mass oxygen device is designed to fill specific needs, so make sure to find the best fit for your facility. Each mass oxygen unit administers oxygen to different amounts of patients, with some providing individual oxygen flow amounts

Total Oxygen Administration Device - TOAD

Administer oxygen immediately from high-pressure gas cylinders or liquid oxygen VGL sources with this mass oxygen device. Choose from any combination of flow meters to meet specific incident demands. Interface circuits allow for seamless switching between high or low pressure (LOX) sources with no interruption in 02 administration.

  • Oxygenation for up to 27 hours at 150LPM with a 280-liter tank
  • Accommodates up to 24 patients at once
  • No need to stop oxygen distribution while refilling
  • 5-year warranty from the manufacturer

This is an emergency backup for a ventilator surge or triage, using a single gas source for multiple GO2VENT- Automatic Resuscitator products.  Can be stored for emergencies for up to five years.

  • Six GO2VENT
  • Two APM-Plus
  • Four Oxygen flowmeters
  • 7 port multi-outlet manifold with pressure regulator and gauge
  • Heavy-duty oxygen hose
  • Watertight case

FloTec Oxygen Distribution Manifold

Quick deployment system for delivering oxygen, and other medical gases. This system can be easily customized for mobile tent hospitals, field triage scenarios & a single ambulance is able to supply six patients.  All-Metal-Constructed, Flow Meters are extremely durable and are non-gravity sensitive.

  • Inline chain of Flowmeters (up to 10 Flowmeters at 15 lpm Maximum flow rates)
  • Flowmeters with Glow-in-the-Dark Flow Numbers
  • Connectible to any 50-psi oxygen gas source
  • Lanyards for suspending Flowmeters from IV Poles, or railing systems

Order your Mass Oxygen Distribution System today through Penn Care, a leading supplier in emergency medical supplies.

The experts at Penn Care have decades of experience helping everyone from small communities to large cities be prepared in the event that disaster strikes. Be prepared with these mass oxygen distribution systems from Penn Care. Contact us today to learn more!

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