Medix Ambulance

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We are proud to feature Medix as one of our partner manufacturers. Medix has operated out of Indiana since 2001.  They specialize in manufacturing world class ambulances at some of the most competitive prices in the industry.  What makes a Medix ambulance standout from the rest of the competition is their custom, 800 point inspection process that is conducted on each and every vehicle they make.  Best of all, their products are tested by an independent third party to meet strict KKK-1822-F certification standards.

With over 100 years of EMS and manufacturing experience, Medix still brings a small company feel to each and every customer, which is why Penn Care is honored to partner with them. Penn Care is one of only 13 dealers across the nation that are authorized to sell Medix emergency rescue vehicles.

All Medix ambulances are built here in the United States at their Elkhart, Indiana facility.  All units are crafted and designed to offer exceptional comfort, quality, and convenience at a reasonable price.

Available models include:

One of the more recent additions to the range of Medix ambulances, the MSV-II is available in both Type I and Type III classes. Designed to be incredibly versatile, the MSV-II can be utilized for nearly any service application, including hospital based units, fire crews, and EMS services.

Metro Express
The Metro Express is also available in both Type I or Type III models. With a goal of providing comfort and convenience, the Metro Express ambulance allows for increased capacity at a very competitive price point.

Sprinter Metro Express
The first Type III ambulance to be approved by the Dodge/Freightliner Sprinter Customer Assurance Plan, the Sprinter Metro Express provides world class fuel mileage and turning raidus that outshines its competitors. It features additional safety measures to provide a world-class medical transport vehicle.

Built as a Type 3 ambulance, the PC-90 is made rugged to handle continuous use. The PC-90 ambulance has an extensive modular interior that contains spacious interior and exterior storage.

Ford Transit
This Type II vehicle provides industry-leading values in a comfortable package. The Ford Transit is available in both gas and diesel engines. With a heavy emphasis on safety, the vehicle is offers a series of standard features that the competition would view as optional add-ons.

The Medix Mobile Intensive Care Unit is an extremely versatile ambulance. The MICU is customizable and built to fit the needs of your services. Features like a double oxygen system and generators are a selection of the options available on the Medix MICU.

Medix specializes in Type I, Type II and Type III ambulances.  You can choose to have Medix build your vehicle on a Freightliner, Ford, or GM chassis.

Medix is extremely well-known and widely recognized for the quality of their ambulances. They are proud members of The Association for the Work Truck Industry, the Ambulance Manufacturers Division and the American Ambulance Association.

Medix ambulances are trusted around the country. The Woman’s Hospital of Texas, Syracuse University, and Lauderdale EMS are just a few organizations that have put their faith in Medix’s quality ambulances.  To get a better idea of what Medix ambulances can do for your organization, please contact us at Penn Care or check out the gallery above.

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