Solutions to Improve Surge Capacity

Enhanced medical surge capacity promotes efficient emergency response and disaster management. Disaster planning and preparedness must include a complete package of medical surge equipment and solutions. It impacts your response to emergency situations whether it is a pandemic, natural disaster, terrorist attack, or unplanned crises. With over three decades of experience in disaster response, Penn Care offers medical surge solutions that expedite speed and efficiency from a quick set-up of 10 to 50 portable morgue systems to mass distribution of oxygen. In the face of disaster, this can prove immensely valuable to your institution and your community.

Effective emergency management means having the appropriate medical supplies and accessories. Penn Care’s expertise in emergency preparedness enables us to offer complete medical surge packages and supplies. Your community can rely on Penn Care’s solutions to improve efficiency and promote more positive outcomes in an emergency. We’re constantly updating our knowledge to bring you the latest and most advanced medical surge products available.

The experts at Penn Care have decades of experience helping everyone from small communities to large cities be prepared in the event that disaster strikes.  Penn Care carries a wide variety of Medical Surge packages and products. Penn Care can design a custom solution to meet your needs. Be prepared and trust Penn Care with all your medical emergency supplies to ensure you have just what you need when the time comes. Contact us today to learn more!

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