Braun Models

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There is a reason the industry considers Braun to be the “Rolls Royce” of the ambulance industry.  Braun ambulances are so well-built, we recently found a 28-year-old Braun ambulance still serving the people of Manhattan through the Saint Vincent Health System.  It has been in use every day of its illustrious career, has been remounted once, and still has the original chocolate brown interior.  If your organization is on a tight budget and needs an emergency vehicle that will last, it’s time to take a good look at Braun ambulances.


For decades, we have been on the leading edge of safety and when coupled with our premium quality…creating high value for our customers. We kicked things off with our module’s roof and sideload testing which exceeded the required load capacity by 300%. We followed that up with our “industry first” rollover module crash test. And now with our side impact AND rollover module crash testing…we are forever committed to occupant safety.

Braun Strong
Braun Industries has a long-standing commitment to safety and quality. With an ever-increasing eye for safety by the emergency-vehicle industry, we have the test data and the visual evidence that demonstrates that a Braun ambulance is truly “Built For Life”.
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Braun Ambulances is proud to build on their legacy of safety by introducing the new IMPACT Airbag System with RollTek™ technology. Short for Interior Module Protection and Collision Technology, the IMPACT Airbag System is an EMS safety option focused on enhancing occupant protection in every seating position in the module.

SolidBody™ Construction

All Braun ambulances are built as one piece from .125″ flat sheet, marine-grade aluminum. By fully welding the floor, roof, sides, and doors, there is no separate extruded frame. This unique construction to Braun ambulances not only has a significant impact on safety, it also reduces the weight of the vehicle, which means better mileage and longer vehicle life.

EZ Glide™ Door

In an emergency situation, there is no time to wonder or worry about the dangers of a traditional, swinging door. Braun has eliminated this issue with its patented EZ Glide™ Door. It slides open and shuts snug against the vehicle, which offers several unique advantages. The door does not open into traffic nor create blind spots for first responders, patients, or oncoming traffic. It allows easy entry and exit from the unit in tight spots. Finally, it is never affected by the wind.


The functions and capabilities of this microprocessor-based, multiplex-electrical system offered in Braun ambulances continues to expand and evolve. It offers significant advantages over traditional rocker switch and relay based systems. The improved panel design includes touch button control over all emergency warning systems, warning messages, a door ajar visual indicator, and access to additional menu screens.