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Demers Ambulances is one of the largest, most trusted ambulance design and manufacturers in the world. Their vision is to build safe, reliable and efficient emergency vehicles to assist paramedics in saving lives. The company had its humble beginnings in a Canadian cart and buggy shop, where the Demers family was already manufacturing funeral hearses and ambulances. Today, Demers is the oldest continuous ambulance manufacturer in North America.

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At Demers, we NEVER COMPROMISE. In saving lives, there is no “good enough”. That’s why our ambulances are designed for safety and come loaded with innovative features that help you excel at your job. Our testing exceeds North American safety standards and we provide the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

At Penn Care, we supply a large inventory of new and pre-owned Demers ambulances across the nation. We sell several types of Demers ambulances, including:

MPX 150
The MPX 150 by Demers is an all-rounder ambulance made with you and your patients in mind. The vehicle is built rugged to handle a variety of environments and conditions regardless of where you are.

MPX 170
Type I ambulance MPX 170 is built to be versatile while also retaining the functionality of its counterparts in its class. The ambulance is designed with a comfortable interior to ensure work can be facilitated efficiently.

MX 170
Demers Ambulance MX 170 is a Type 3 ambulance that comes in a full-size. The interior is designed to be extremely comfortable and roomy, and it ensures ample space for a large inventory of emergency medical supplies no matter where you are. The MX 170 Demers Ambulance is made for EMS specialists out in the fields – even in the most dangerous conditions.

MX 164
The MX 164 is value-added vehicle in the Type III ambulance category. It is provided as an economical alternative to its counterparts in its class. Demers MX 164 provides industry leading safety and ergonomics while also reducing the amount of maintenance required. Providing world class features in an overall package, the MX 164 has thousands of units employed in the field.

MX 152
With an vibrant, highly visible design, the MX 152 Demers Ambulance has a unique design. This design is made to match the Mercedes Sprinter design, and it sports additional features such as expanded storage and a fold out entry step.

Ford Transit
Demers Ford Transit ambulance is a Type 2 class vehicle that provides many industry-leading features as standard. It provides ample amount of storage and power for its size. The Ford Transit was made to fit the needs of its industry, and it does so exceptionally.

EX Sprinter
The EX Sprinter is a Mercedes designed ambulance meant to offer an extremely ergonomic and safe Type 2 ambulance. It provides industry standard features, while also incorporating industry defining features to set a new standard in medical care.

We supply ambulances of Type I, II and III classes to ensure you can find the right vehicle for the needs of your facility.

Search a wide inventory of new and pre-owned Demers Ambulances through Penn Care. Penn Care, Inc. is the nation’s biggest supplier of all healthcare supplies, from emergency supplies to ambulances.

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