3M Littmann Cardiology IV Stethoscope

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Diagnose and make decisions with confidence.

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Introducing the brand new Cardiology IV stethoscope from 3M Littmann. The Cardiology IV stethoscope encompasses a redesign from the ground up featuring a brand new stainless steel chestpiece, brand new fully optimised paediatric and adult diaphragms unique to the Cardiology IV, the very latest generation long life tubing, a highly tuned bell side for instant low frequencies, and class leading 7 year warranty. This is the upgrade you have been waiting for…

As with the Cardiology III, full acoustic range adult and pediatric auscultation is available through its newly designed dual head chestpiece. Simply rotate the central spline to alternate between the two sides for superior adult and pediatric auscultation. The brand new single piece diaphragms (unique to the Cardiology IV), have further optimised acoustic sensitivity, making all sounds clearer and easier to hear! The new long life binaural (two tubes in one) are the very latest specification, and latest materials, helping raise the warranty length to an industry leading 7 years! The selector spline is now recessed to allow a perfect flush fit with the binaural tube, now featuring a visual indicator for easy identification of the operational diaphragm.

– Diagnose and make decisions with confidence
– Hear subtle changes in patient status
– Useful in critical care and challenging environments such as the ED, ICU, Cardiac ICU, step-down unit and other dynamic locations
– 7-year warranty
– Ergonomic and high profile construction; 40% larger chestpiece and 60% deeper bell than the 3M™ Littmann® Classic III™ Stethoscope
– Designed for use with adult and pediatric patients
– Tunable, dual-sided stainless steel chestpiece with open or closed bell
– Non-chill bell sleeve for greater patient comfort
– Soft-sealing eartips provide optimal comfort and excellent sound occlusion
– Made in the USA without natural rubber latex

Built to hear more
Sturdy and refined, the Littmann Cardiology IV helps isolate subtle sounds2 so you can hear changes in your patients in the most critical and challenging environments. Designed to help you listen for hard-to-hear sounds, including aortic stenosis, S3 gallop murmurs and faint pulmonary anomalies.

Useful in critical care and challenging environments
Such as the ED, ICU, Cardiac ICU, step-down unit and other dynamic locations

Hear subtle changes in patient status.

Diagnose and make decisions with confidence.

2Better audibility of high-frequency sounds (adult side, firm pressure) compared to Cardiology III can help you learn more about your patient’s condition

Product Details

Your stethoscope is one of your most important tools as a physician or nurse, so get one that's of quality. Doing so is easier said than done, as there are a ton of options out there. You need to make sure you get a stethoscope that's both comfortable and provides the highest sound quality possible. Try the 3M Littmann Cardiology IV stethoscope today and feel the difference.

3M Littmann Cardiology IV Product Features:

• Stainless steel chest piece that's resistant to corrosion

• Brand-new and unique pediatric and adult diaphragms

• The latest technology in long-life binaural tubing

• A highly optimized bell to catch low frequencies instantly

• Manufactured in the USA with no natural rubber or latex

• A no-chill sleeve for the bell for patient comfort

• Soft ear tips for maximum comfort and superior sound quality

• Unprecedented 7-year warranty

• Perfect for fast-paced and critical environments (ICU, ED, etc.)

• Turnable chest piece with option to open or close bell side, dual-sided diaphragm

You simply won't find another stethoscope on the market that's as accurate, comfortable, and adaptable as the Cardiology IV.

Unmatched Quality

Every part of this incredible stethoscope has been designed to provide the optimal patient/physician experience. From the soft ear tips with amazing sound quality to the bell sleeve for patient comfort, this stethoscope has both parties covered!

The next-generation binaural tubing in the 3M Littmann Cardiology IV isolates sounds between the right and left ear tips. This not only provides incredible quality but also eliminates the rubbing sound most other tubings produce! With no distractions and optimal clarity, you can focus on hearing the patient and only the patient!


Quality doesn't mean much if the product isn't durable. Competing stethoscopes are prone to staining, corroding, and damaging easily. In the 3M Littmann Cardiology IV stethoscope, however, the chest piece is resistant to staining and corrosion of any kind. Our tubing, bell and ear tips are also built to be incredibly resilient, granting you a top-quality product that's extremely durable!

Dual Head Chestpiece

The 3M Littmann Cardiology IV stethoscope also features diaphragms for both adults and children. Both of these have intricately tuned acoustic sensitivity, rendering all sounds crisp and clear. Simply rotate the central spline to alternate between the two sides for superior auscultation. When using a stethoscope, the last thing you want to hear is interference or rubbing sounds. With our amazing product, you'll be able to:

• Diagnose conditions quicker and with more confidence

• Hear the tiniest change in heartbeat or patient status

• Pick up on heard-to-hear sounds with ease

• Identify murmurs and anomalies quicker and easier than before

Despite ever-changing technological advancements in the healthcare industry, a stethoscope remains one of the most vital tools. That's why it's so important to choose the best on the market for your practice. Lower quality brands simply don't offer the kind of clarity, comfort and customizable options that we do. While the Classic III is still an incredible product, our Cardiology IV has a chest piece that's 40% larger, and a bell that's 60% deeper!

If you're a physician or nurse on the hunt for a new stethoscope, order the 3M Littmann Cardiology IV Stethoscope today! You simply won't find a better option on the market that has the quality, durability, and trusted name!