Disaster Prepardness Solutions

Successful emergency management calls for a well-defined disaster plan and the required infrastructure to implement it. Providing communications, medical, and public safety services during a mass casualty event is no easy task. Let us take care of your equipment requirements so that you can concentrate on other aspects of disaster preparedness and management. With over 30 years of disaster response experience, Penn Care is ready to help you prepare today.  Be sure to check out our online store and review the products below for a better idea of the many ways we can supply your organization.

Prepackaged Patient Care Kits

MasCache PODs & MODs

The MasCache products line contains all the necessary items which are needed for the rapid deployment of temporary patient care areas. With MasCache surge care products, preparing a temporary treatment center is now a matter of simple math with conveniently grouped and packaged in predetermined quantities of 25 patients. The POD provides enough supplies for 96 hours. The MOD provides enough supplies for 48 hours. The MasCache products are high quality and affordable, and as similar to the items that healthcare providers depend upon providing patient care as possible, given their disposability.

Electricity Back-ups


When power lines are down, generators can be your solution to restoring energy to be able to have a power source to provide assistance to your community in their hour of need. There are a number of circumstances that merit the use of a generator and the cost of failing to have access to one can be significant. Especially, for those whose medical conditions require the use of electrically powered medical equipment, the cost is life and death.

Rapid Deployment Shelters

Temporary Inflatable Tents 

The rapid deployment shelters offer the necessary resting space to rehabilitate during demanding events. These inflatable structures are designed for a quick and adapted response to multiple needs, which could be used as medical posts, temporary accommodation, field hospitals, and command centers.  These shelters offer the right amount of space you need at minimum weight and pack size for easy handling.  They are available in multiple sizes and colors.

Portable Workstations

Storage Cases & Carts

A "PODBOX" is a portable emergency medical station that allows you to dispense medications, vaccinate patients, assemble supplies, and more from one strategic command unit. They are designed for use as a mass dispensing station, vaccination station, dispensing work station, nurses work station, triage cart, or mobile incident command station – making it an extremely versatile unit.  Durable, lightweight, weather-resistant, and heavy-duty design.

The experts at Penn Care have decades of experience helping everyone from small communities to large cities be prepared in the event that disaster strikes. Be prepared with these tools which will allow your first responders and caregivers to respond to the crisis quickly and more effectively.