Fastlane Emergency Vehicles - Special Ops.

Chassis SUV or Pick-up Platforms
LightingAll Major Brands Offered
Electrical ControlFastPLEX Multiplexed, Standard
Console & CabinetFully Custom with 3D Rendering
GraphicsStandard, Reflective, Gold, etc.
Interior LightingIntegrated LED cabinet lighting
Medication StorageTempLox Climate Controlled

FastLane builds many types of special operations units for the industry, including SWAT jump-out trucks, surveillance units, crime scene and evidence-collection units, and covert operations units. With this vast knowledge, they will design and build a special operations vehicle to your department’s specs. Offering a wide variety of platforms (Sprinter, Eurovans, step vans, SUVs), FastLane will take your design from a full 3-D CAD concept to a vehicle that will provide countless years of service for your department. Trust FastLane for your next special operations unit.

The FastPlex system monitors all FastLane components on the EMS response command vehicle to ensure proper functionality. If the system detects an issue, the FastPlex system will shut down access to any item before the battery system reaches critical levels. This ensures that your EMS command response vehicle is always ready to get put to work.

FastLane offers many automation options, such as automatic tower lights to light up the scene, motorized awnings that automatically retract in high wind conditions, and more. All items are integrated and controlled from one central location (or multiple locations) inside or outside the vehicle.

Fully custom and built to suit your needs, FastLane offers robust interior conversion services — including full 3-D CAD renderings and design, many finish options such as HD sheet vinyl flooring with cargo tie-down e-track, and custom storage cabinets, roof top or undermount HVAC systems, generator systems and much more.

Solid surface countertops are just one of the many high-value options available for the interior conversion of your next crime scene unit. Many of our other features include refrigerated and secured lock up for preserving evidence and advanced imaging systems for the on-scene evaluation of collection efforts. Call Penn Care today to purchase the FastLane Special Ops vehicle.

Product Information & Details:
• Automatic tower lights
• Motorized awning
• Solid surface countertops
• Cold storage

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FastLane, a premier manufacturer of emergency and first responder vehicles in Purcellville, VA, has the experts to ensure the right design for your fleet. FastLane is not simply an install shop — their highly skilled designers and builders understand the latest trends in the emergency rescue vehicle industry. FastLane Special Ops units are standard for many police and fire department fleets.

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