Incident Command

Chassis SUV or Pick-up Platforms
LightingAll Major Brands Offered
Electrical ControlFastPLEX Multiplexed, Standard
Console & CabinetFully Custom with 3D Rendering
GraphicsStandard, Reflective, Gold, etc.
ComputersLaptop Docking, Touchscreen, WIFI
Incident TimerIntregrated to FastPLEX Control

Today the command vehicle is just as important to a successful fire ground operation as the fire truck itself.  FastLane specializes in custom solutions for any vehicle type; whether it be a traditional SUV or more complex pick-up.  Every design is fully custom to meet your department's command work-flow.  FastLane offers traditional command boards as well as computer based and touchscreen based command solutions.  Every FastLane vehicle is self monitoring & automatic allowing you to focus on your job and not the vehicle.

The chassis can be built with an SUV or pick-up platform. Lighting is capable of being customized, with compatibility for all major brands. There are two types of of electrical control available. Graphics on the exterior of the vehicle body can be made using a multitude of styles, from standard to reflective and so on.

The floor console featured on the Incident Command is able to be fully custom contoured for your needs utilizing a 3D rendering system. The console comes with several added-value features, including:
• FastLane's exclusive PolyBuild coating
• OEM Style Fuse Block
• 12V HD Power Points with Dust Covers

The PolyBuild coating extends to the cabinet of the unit as well, which can also be customized completely using a 3D rendering system. The cabinets on the Incident Command vehicle are custom built, and can be built to house a multitude of features. Whether you're in need of storage, shelving or a rear radio control console, the Incident Command is capable of being tailored to the needs of the job.


Prevent miscommunication and disorganization with your fire ground resources. The Incident Command comes with state-of-the-art software, Rhodium Incident Management.

Stay on task and align your team's focus by consolidating all information and communication from within a single channel. The software is able to be implemented on mobile and tablet devices, laptops, computers and even touchscreen systems.

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The Incident Command is one of the finest solutions today for successful fire ground operations. FastLane Emergency Vehicles are a leader in their industry, and ideal for those in need of a fully customized and specialty option for EMS command vehicles.

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