FastLane Emergency Vehicles — EMS Response

Chassis SUV or Pick-up Platforms
Lighting All Major Brands Offered
Electrical Control FastPLEX Multiplexed, Standard
Console & Cabinet Fully Custom with 3D Rendering
Graphics Standard, Reflective, Gold, etc.
Interior Lighting Integrated LED cabinet lighting
Medication Storgage TempLox Climate Controlled

Every design for the EMS response vehicle is fully customized to meet your department’s command workflow. FastLane offers traditional command boards as well as computer-based and touchscreen-based command solutions. Every bag, device, and piece of equipment vital to your job will be designed into a custom storage solution, ensuring you have everything you need close at hand. FastLane only builds custom solutions, so the final design fits your department’s needs.

The EMS command response vehicle by FastLane comes with the FastPlex system as a standard feature. The FastPlex system is a programmable multiplexed system. With that comes full-color touchscreen control, as well as incident timers with audible alerts and complete monitoring capabilities.

Stay at the forefront of your operations with FastPlex. Every FastLane vehicle is self-monitoring and automatic, allowing you to focus on your job and not the vehicle.

The system monitors all FastLane components on the EMS response command vehicle to ensure proper functionality. If the system detects an issue, the FastPlex system will shut down access to any item before the battery system reaches critical levels. This ensures that your EMS command response vehicle is always ready to get put to work.

Custom contoured floor consoles and OEM style overhead consoles feature FastLane exclusive PolyBuild coating, device-specific custom-cut, aluminum powder coated faceplates, OEM style fuse block (located on driver side), oversized marine style cup holders, 12V HD power points with dust covers, Gamber-Johnson computer docking arm, and open storage pocket.

TempLox is a fully automated, solid-state, climate-controlled compartment specifically engineered to store medications and sensitive equipment. TempLox is truly “set and forget.” The system will automatically heat or cool the compartment based on the target temperature — maintaining the internal temperature even when the vehicle is off.

If your local emergency or fire department needs to upgrade to a new vehicle, FastLane emergency vehicles have you covered. Call Penn Care today to start your purchase (phone number: 1-877-287-9715).

Product Information:
• FastPlex system control
• Custom floor and overhead consoles
• TempLox climate control storage

FastLane Emergency Vehicles ( is located at 37241 E Richardson Ln, Purcellville, VA 20132.

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FastLane, a premier manufacturer of emergency and first responder vehicles, has the experts to ensure the right design for your fleet. FastLane is not simply an install shop — their highly skilled designers and builders understand the latest trends in the emergency rescue vehicle industry. Highly specialized, 3-D parametric solid modeling CAD software allows FastLane to design your entire unit virtually, ensuring the industry’s only true custom integration. All FastLane emergency vehicles are proudly designed and built in Purcellville, Virginia.

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