Meet Our Team: Sarah Dlwgosh

Sarah Dlwgosh recently joined our team in December of 2019 as our Accounts Payable. Her responsibilities include entering bills, receiving in payments, entering payments, and mailing out customer invoices. She communicates with our vendors to get ETAs on outstanding inventory items and researches any open purchase order for ambulance parts and medical supply products. Additionally, she assists us in the Ambulance division by filing all warranties. As well as helping out in the warehouse whenever needed.

Sarah previously worked for CBS Topsoil/Altiere’s Home & Garden as a bookkeeper and back office manager for 8 years. She has a degree in Business Management & Accounting from ITT Tech.

Sarah is originally from Youngstown, OH, and currently resides in Struthers, OH. She is engaged to Dave who she’s known since she was fifteen years old.  She has 3 children: Seth, Bastien  & Lilly. She loves taking the kids outside and going to places like zoos and waterparks. She’s a strong believer in “a place for everything and everything in it’s place.” She enjoys watching and going to see the Indians, Browns, and Buckeyes play whenever she can. Her life is about her children and what family she has left.

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