Philips Tempus LS Defibrillator: Accessories and Add-Ons

The Philips Tempus LS manual defibrillator is designed for medical experts trained in administering critical care. It’s lightweight, intuitive, and can be used by emergency medical services (EMS) at the site of the emergency or in a hospital setting for treatment of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Before we look at the accessories available for the Philips Tempus LS, let’s take a look at the capabilities of this defibrillator. 

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Equipment for Disaster Response and Mass Fatality Management

Disaster preparedness isn’t an exact science; you can’t look into the future and see what’s coming. You can only utilize the information you have and make predictions based on it. You’ll have to make decisions based on data to refine your disaster response. What’s the size of your municipality or jurisdiction? Is it a dense urban environment, suburban, or a sparsely populated rural community? Is it located on or near a coast or large body of water? Is it prone to flooding, earthquakes, and other natural disasters? Is the population younger or older? Are there industrial facilities or power plants nearby? The answers to all of these questions will determine your area’s specific needs for disaster response and mass fatality trailers. 

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A Look at Mobile Morgue Units: What are They?

A mobile morgue unit is simply a morgue that can be quickly deployed and set up in place of an official morgue facility. They are used when the influx of decedents is so great that regular morgue facilities are filled to capacity. A mobile morgue unit is fully equipped to perform all the necessary functions of any morgue system, including autopsies and various forms of data collection on human remains to help medical examiners determine the identity and/or cause of death. So, what are the capabilities of a mobile morgue unit and how can they help prepare for disaster?

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Meet Our Team: Jasmine Boykin

Jasmine Boykin joined our team in May of 2021 as our Customer Service Sales Support Agent for our EMS Supplies division.   Her responsibilities include answering phones, assisting the medical sale representatives and their customers, collections, and … Read More

The Mounting System You Can Count On

Reliability is one of the most important factors concerning the performance of medical equipment. If first responders are to perform their job properly, every piece of their equipment must perform consistently. They can’t be expected to save lives if the medical devices they use every day can’t be relied upon to function. This not only includes the sophisticated technology that emergency medical services utilize, but also background and ancillary equipment like mounts and brackets.  

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Disaster Response: Mass Casualty vs. Mass Fatality Incidents

When the unthinkable occurs, it is crucial to have plans in place to minimize the effects of both mass casualty and mass fatality events. While these events may take place simultaneously, there are different considerations when addressing both situations. In short, the priority for mass casualty events includes tending to the wounded survivors, whereas the priority for mass fatality events focuses on respectfully handling decedents. However, the differences do not stop there and in emergency preparedness. It’s imperative that those planning and handling standard operating procedures for emergency response know the difference in services needed.

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The Crucial Role of Portable Morgues in Mass Fatality Events

A mass fatality event occurs when the number of dead overwhelms the local healthcare system and morgue facilities. Whether the event is natural or man-made, a jurisdiction’s disaster preparedness plans should involve portable mobile morgues and refrigerated trailers as part of a proper and comprehensive disaster response, whatever the death toll may be. 

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Philips HeartStart FR3: The Next Level Automated External Defibrillator

350,000 Americans die every year due to Sudden Cardiac Arrest. But, when first responders have the best equipment, every victim can have a fighting chance. 

Penn Care proudly offers the Philips HeartStart FR3, an automated external defibrillator that is intended for use with a physician’s oversight as part of a comprehensive emergency response plan. The FR3 has numerous design features that minimize deployment time and maximize life saving potential for emergency medical services (EMS). Its SMART biphasic waveform technology can assess heart rhythm activity in a wide variety of patients.

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Philips HeartStart FRx: The Toughest, Professional Grade Automated External Defibrillator

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) claims 350,000 American lives every year. When every second counts, our first responders need the most reliable equipment to do their job. 

Penn Care presents the Philips HeartStart FRx, a rugged and dependable automated external defibrillator designed with the first responder in mind. Whether it’s the police, firefighters, or even a sports doctor, the Philips HeartStart FRx is ready to be used by those professionals who are already equipped with AED and CPR training. 

We’re going to talk about how to properly use the Philips HeartStart FRx defibrillator and how to care for the unit in order to keep it ready in case of a cardiac emergency.

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