Portable Incident Command Station for your ICS

In the past, we’ve blogged about incident command systems and their importance in effectively managing emergency response. Much of putting in place a valuable Incident Command System (ICS) is developing the organizational structure that will ensure emergency response operations are carried out quickly and safely. However, ICS facilities and equipment play an important role as well.

Portable Incident Command Station for your ICS portable incident command station for your ics0

In a mass casualty event or other disaster relief situation, it is critical to have an Incident Command Center for your ICS volunteers to work from. From this central location, EMS professionals should be able to receive and classify patients, provide emergency care, maintain adequate records on patients and casualties, and disseminate information to emergency response workers  federal agencies, state and local government officials, patient families, the press, and the general public. The Incident Command Station serves as the epicenter of an event.

Playing such a critical role in emergency preparedness, the Incident Command Post is definitely a big consideration to include in your Incident Command System. With a wide variety of equipment and full solutions available, it can be hard to determine exactly what is needed for your organization’s readiness – and costs can add up quickly. For emergency management groups that are looking for a compact solution that will fit their tight budget and easily transport to a location, US Pod Box manufactures great products. The MiniPOD IMT Kit is the perfect mobile Incident Command Station for these groups, as is the HICS/ICS (Hospital Incident Command System/Incident Command System) Case.

Both the MiniPOD IMT (Incident Management Team) Kit and HICS/ICS (Hospital Incident Command System/Incident Command System) Case will help you get your Incident Command Center up and running in no time. Both include a white erase board and removable table to serve as a workspace. Storage areas will help you stock up on the equipment you need to rapidly deploy and enhance communication. Both units fold up and roll for easy transportation. Find out more information on both by checking out their product pages below.

Are you putting together an Incident Command System for your organization? Tell us what your biggest challenge is? What area of ICS do you struggle with?

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