Medix Metro Express RP90 Ambulance Delivered to Princeton Rescue Squad

Penn Care is proud to congratulate the Princeton Rescue Squad on their new ambulance! Don Bloom recently delivered a Medix Metro Express RP90 ambulance on a Ford E350 chassis to the advanced lifesaving service in Princeton, West Virginia. This makes the 10th ambulance for the organization!

Check out the Princeton Rescue Squad Medix Metro Express RP90 gallery here.

Established in 1960, the Princeton Rescue Squad has over 50 years of serving the city of Princeton and surrounding Mercer County. Currently under the leadership of Director Stacey Hicks, Princeton Rescue Squad employs over 70 skilled professionals including dispatchers, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, billing staff, and management and support staff. The Squad is considered the oldest private ambulance service in Mercer County.

For the last 6 years, Princeton Rescue Squad has worked with Penn Care to purchase emergency vehicles from Medix. Their fleet is made up of a variety of models including basic units, MICU, rescue and 4×4 ambulances. The Squad has chosen to stick with Medix ambulances because they find them very versatile and economic to run.

The Medix Metro Express RP90 is the flagship vehicle of the Medix product line. It is equipped with ample interior and exterior storage to ensure your EMS crew has everything they need to treat their patient onboard. There is plenty of room to move around inside of the ambulance module; the Medix Metro Express RP90 features an interior headroom of 68″, a module width of 90″, and a wide compartment isle. There is also a technician/CPR seat on the driver’s side wall for increased crew seating and enhanced patient care.

For more information on the Medix Metro Express RP90 ambulance, check out the ambulance model page on our site.

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