SpO2 Sensor, Masimo, M-LNCS,

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– SpO2 only sensor
– For use with RC (Rainbow or SpO2 only) patient cable
– Single patient use
– For use with Philips Tempus, LIFEPAK 15, Zoll Propaq, Zoll X & Zoll X Advanced

SKU #: 04-465011

Pdtx, Pediatric, 36 in.

By: Masimo  |  MPN: 2511
box of 20 eaches
SKU #: 04-465012

Idtx, Infant, 18 in.

By: Masimo  |  MPN: 2512
SKU #: 04-46503N

Neonatal/Adult, Neo-3, 3'

By: Masimo  |  MPN: 2515
box of 20 eaches
SKU #: 04-4650A

Adtx, Adult 18 in.

By: Masimo  |  MPN: 2508
box of 20 eaches
SKU #: 04-4650EI

Ear Sensor, E1, 3', Box of 10

By: Masimo  |  MPN: 2919
SKU #: 04-4650I

Infant, 3', Each

By: Masimo  |  MPN: 2513
box of 20 eaches
SKU #: 04-4650N

Neonatal/Adult, Neo, 18 in.

By: Masimo  |  MPN: 2514
box of 20 eaches
SKU #: 04-4650X

Pdtx, Pediatric, 18 in.

By: Masimo  |  MPN: 2510
box of 20 eaches


LNCS, or Low Noise Cabled Sensors, are available in a wide variety of designs to serve the needs of many types of patients. LNCS sensors are intended for hospitals that prefer to minimize clinician-user-interface change when upgrading their pulse oximetry to Masimo SET® and do not anticipate adopting rainbow® technology. LNCS sensors are cabled with a DB9 connector, compatible with LNC patient cables, which enables use with Masimo SET® pulse oximeters and Nellcor sensor-compatible instruments without OxiMax®.

Additional patient cables are available to connect LNCS sensors to a variety of pulse oximeters and multi-parameter monitors equipped with Masimo SET®. Adapter cables are also available for monitors with conventional Nellcor technology, allowing standardization on sensors throughout a facility with a mixed inventory of pulse oximeters.

LNCS sensors provide excellent SpO2 performance while facilitating patient comfort with a connector positioned away from the sensor application site. Specialty LNCS sensors with built-in intelligence are available for patients with limited or no access to digits or patients with extremely low perfusion.

Single-patient-use LNCS Sensors
– Appropriate for short- or long-term monitoring of adult, pediatric, infant, and neonatal patients
– Designed for finger, toe, thumb, hand, or foot application, offering secure positioning of the optical components
– SofTouch™ sensors are designed for patients with fragile skin and feature a non-adhesive wrap made from soft foam material, with hook-and-loop attachment
– Minimize the risk of cross-contamination

For Use on Different Patient Types
Fold-over-Style Sensors
– Available in adult and pediatric sizes
– Sensor graphics printed on the sensor assist with sensor application, removal, and reapplication
– Sensor labels alert users to location of emitter/detector

Wrap-around Style Sensors
– Available in adult, pediatric, infant, and neonatal sizes
– Easily removed and reapplied
– Suited for patients with long fingernails or finger deformities

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