AED Cabinet, Premium Semi-recessed Cabinet for Philips


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Premium Semi-recessed Cabinet
Item # PFE7023D

Recessed Compartment
14 ̋ (36 cm) w, 22 ̋ (56 cm) h, 6 ̋ (15 cm) d

Footprint on wall
16.5 ̋ (42 cm) w, 24.5 ̋ (62 cm) h, 2.5 ̋ (6 cm) d

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By: Philips  |  MPN: PFE7023D
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This Semi-Recessed Wall Mount Cabinet protrudes slightly from the wall leaving a finished look and is specifically designed to hold the Philips HeartStart line of AEDs. A perfect fit, this sturdy metal construction wall cabinet protects and prominently displays your Philips AED. Fixed shelf displays AED at window level, with room underneath. Door-activated alarm and flashing strobe light alert everyone the AED has been deployed for rescue. Alarm can be wired to an external panel. Alarm requires two 9-volt batteries (not included).

Compatible with: Philips Forerunner AED, Philips OnSite AED, Philips FR2/FR2+ AED, Philips FRx AED, Philips FR3 AED.

Recessed Compartment: 14 ̋ (36 cm) w, 22 ̋ (56 cm) h, 6 ̋ (15 cm) d

Footprint on wall: 16.5 ̋ (42 cm) w, 24.5 ̋ (62 cm) h, 2.5 ̋ (6 cm) d

Inside Tank Dimensions: Semi-Recessed Mount: 21.875″H x 13.875″W x 5.625″D

Replacement/additional cabinet key determination:
1 Locate your cabinet
2 Inside the cabinet is a white plate which covers the alarm’s circuit board.
3 Remove the two screws which hold the cover in place. Remove the cover.
4 On the back of the cover will be a 3 digit number (801, 802, or 803). That is the number which determines your key.

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