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Kendall™ 530 series electrodes are designed for superior performance including adult stress, holter and diaphoretic applications.

Kendall™ 530 Foam Electrodes, Conductive Adhesive Hydrogel
Kendall™ Electrodes, 535 Foam Conductive Adhesive Hydrogel

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535 Series, Bag of 5

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case of 120 bags
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530 Series, Bag of 30

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Kendall 530 series electrodes are designed for superior performance including adult stress, holter and diaphoretic applications. Utilizing a highly aggressive adhesive, the Kendall 530 electrode is appropriate for the most challenging of monitoring environments. The high quality foam substrate conforms easily to the skin to ensure electrical contact for consistent tracings. The patented conductive adhesive hydrogel provides additional adhesion, leaves no messy residue to clean up and is designed to stay fresh up to 30 days out of the package.

Product Details

The Kendall 530/535series foam monitoring electrodes are designed for superior performance for multiple applications ranging from adult stress to diaphoretic. The monitoring electrodes are essential in providing accurate monitoring and response in regards to heart functions.

Whether you're in a hospital or out in the field, the Kendall 530 series ECG Electrodes will ensure that you're able to provide proper care.

Kendall ECG Electrodes Product Features:

• Multi-Purpose Functionality

• Enhanced Adhesion While Retaining Quick Removal

• Different Sizes Available

Multi-Purpose Functionality

The Kendall 530 series provides multi-purpose functionality that extends further than competing products. Kendall 530 series ECG electrodes come with an agressive adhesive so it can be used in even the most challenging and extreme of environments.

Each Kendall ECG electrode is made using a high quality foam that conforms to the wearers' skin to facility accurate electrical contact for consistent tracings and monitoring.

Enhanced Adhesion With Easy Removal

Kendall ECG foam electrodes are made using a patented conductive adhesive hydrogel that increases the level of adhesion that you would normally receive from a pad.

You won't have to worry about any messy residue being left after removing the pad either because of the hydrogel used. This all helps to create a quick, easy-to-apply and remove procedure that mitigates any additional cleanup from needing to occur.

Different Sizes For Patient Application

The foam ECG electrodes come in an adult size and are designed to stay fresh up to 30 days once outside of the package. The 530 series ecg electrodes are available in both bags of 5 and bags of 30, and they can also be bought in larger quantities as needed.

Provide accruate and consistent monitoring with the Kendall 530 series foam monitoring electrodes. Essential and perfect for any facility set up.

Order your Kendall ECG Electrodes today from Penn Care, the nation's biggest supplier of high-quality EMS supplies. All online orders are available to ship nationwide.

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