Defibrillator Electrode, Philips HeartStart FRx, SMART Pads II,


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Philips FRx SMART Pads II Defibrillation Electrode Pads

SKU #: 03-38811


By: Philips  |  MPN: 989803139261

Common Additions:

SKU #: 03-38793

AED Key, Philips HeartStart FRx, - Infant/Child

By: Philips  |  MPN: 989803139311
SKU #: 03-3156C01

AED, Philips HeartStart FRx, - Semi-Rigid Case

By: Philips  |  MPN: 861304-C01
SKU #: 03-3156C03

AED, Philips HeartStart FRx, - Waterproof Shell Case

By: Philips  |  MPN: 861304-C03
SKU #: 03-38802

Case, Philips HeartStart FRx Semi-Rigid, - Red

By: Philips  |  MPN: 989803139251


These defibrillation electrodes are for the Philips HeartStart FRx AED. They’re packaged in a plastic case, which fits into the FRx semi-rigid carry case. Like other AED pads, SMART Pads II are one-time use and disposable. Order an extra set to keep your FRx AED ready for action and make sure you keep an eye on the expiration date printed on each electrode pad set. SMART Pads II have an expiration date of at least 24 months from date of manufacture and need to be replaced when they expire to keep the AED in working order. 

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