Training Pads, Philips HeartStart FRx AED, SMART II


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Converts your Philips FRx AED into a trainer.

SKU #: 04-410471


By: Philips  |  MPN: 989803139271

Common Additions:

SKU #: 03-60750A

AED Training, Philips HeartStart Pad Placement Guide, - Adult

By: Philips  |  MPN: M5090A
SKU #: 03-607581

AED Training, Philips HeartStart Pad Placement Guide, - Infant/Child

By: Philips  |  MPN: 989803139281
SKU #: 06-40419A

Manikin, Philips AED External Adapter, - Pack of 5

By: Philips  |  MPN: M5089A


Here’s an alternative to buying a stand-alone trainer. Connect these training pads to your working Philips FRx AED to convert it into a training device. When you’re finished, disconnect the Training Pads, replace them with working adult pads, and your Philips FRx is again ready for use! Includes training pads, protective storage case, and pad placement guide.

Using these pads on a manikin will require the use of an External Manikin AdapterĀ or an Internal Manikin Adapter. Also, the FRx Infant/Child Key is required for pediatric training.

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