Flow-Safe II Disposable CPAP System With Deluxe Mask & Straight Swivel Port

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The latest innovation in a disposable CPAP System that uses over 50% less oxygen consumption while delivering high FiO2 using standard flowmeters.

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• Over 50% Less Oxygen Consumption using Standard Flowmeters
• Built-In Manometer on Every Device Manometer Accuracy +/- 3 H2O up to 15 cm H2O
• High FiO2 Delivery
• Consistent CPAP Pressure (± 1 cm H2O during “forced” breathing)
• Built-In Pressure Relief Valve Limits Maximum CPAP Pressure to 25 cm H2O +/- 5 cm H2O
• Highly Portable (No costly flow generator repairs or downtime)
• Completely Disposable, Latex-Free CPAP System
• Easy Set-Up – Includes Mask, Manometer, Pressure Relief Valve and Head Harness, just requires O2 source and standard flowmeter to operate
• Color-Coded for Easy Size Identification
• Clinicians can add a Nebulizer Combining Aerosol Delivery and CPAP Therapies
• Accepts 22mm Filter
• Accepts 15 mm/22 mm CO2 Sampling Lines without additional adapters
• Standard 15 mm/22 mm port size

Includes 7 feet of oxygen tubing

Product Details

When a life-threatening emergency happens and the patient needs oxygen immediately, you can put your trust in Flow-Safe II CPAP System. A disposable oxygen mask that uses flowmeters, 50% less oxygen and is comfortable for patients, this can help save a patient’s life while being easy to use for doctors and technicians. It has a long list of benefits while being the first disposable CPAP mask with built-in extras.

Flow-Safe II CPAP System Product Features:

• Use 50% less oxygen due to efficient FiO2 delivery system

• Includes a built-in manometer, pressure relief valve and uses regular flowmeters

• Has a nebulizer for easy medication administration without removing the mask

• Lightweight design that’s contoured for easy use along with features to keep patients comfortable

• Simple for technicians to use, and it’s disposable

Extra Additions

Your standard oxygen mask performs all of its essential functions, but if you’re looking to elevate your level of care the Flow-Safe II is the way to go. It connects to standard flowmeters while also having a built-in pressure relief valve and manometer.

This makes it easier for technicians to monitor the patient and make adjustments as necessary. You won’t find other masks like this, and once you get one, you’ll wonder how you went so long with them. Not only that, but you can easily apply suction as needed without removing the mask.

Ideal Setting

It’s easy to see where this can be useful, but what’s the ideal setting for the Flow-Safe II CPAP? It’s best used to help patients with acute pulmonary edema and whenever an anti-asphyxia device is required. It can also be used in any other situation where a CPAP would be beneficial or required, but this is its ideal hospital situation.

Patient Comfort

While you should pick equipment that is best at saving lives and providing premium care, it’s good if the best equipment also focuses on the patient and his or her comfort. This equipment has some features that patients will love, plus it will make it easier for them to wear the mask for hours.

The mask has cushioned tabs, a cool and stretchy fabric head piece, customizable velcro straps and the ability to easily fit over any patient’s face. There are three sizes to choose from: child, small adult and large adult. This makes it fairly easy to choose the right one for your patient while also keeping them comfortable during treatment.

The mask itself is also contoured so that it fits the patient without hitting his or her nose. This is ideal and will prevent your patient from stubbornly trying to remove the mask.

Clips and Ports

The mask is also easy for technicians to use. There are quick-disconnect clips along the edge of the mask so that it can be quickly removed if necessary during an emergency. There’s also a straight rotating port that’s easy to connect and disconnect from. Your technicians won’t need much time to learn and adjust to this piece of equipment, plus they’re sure to love it more than your existing masks.


Your patient needs medication to help them breathe better. While you could remove the mask and use a nebulizer, that takes extra time and effort. Flow-Safe II is already made to help you with that, and you can keep this mask on the whole time.

There is a built-in nebulizer port right on the mask. Medication can be directly administered without removing the mask, which is perfect for emergency settings, plus it cuts down on the overall time required to treat each patient, allowing you to better care for everyone in the hospital.


Disposable equipment is important. It prevents you from having to wash and sanitize the equipment. This might sound wasteful to some, but the massive benefit is that you don’t have to worry about human error or machine error causing an infection.

You don’t need an improperly sanitized piece of equipment to hurt a patient. Having a disposable CPAP system ensures that every patient gets a new mask, thereby preventing the spread of infections.

Elevating care can be difficult because you are already doing as much as you can. The Flow-Safe II CPAP System makes your life a little easier while ensuring that you supply patients with oxygen. It’s comfortable for them, easy for you and has built-in meters so that you can monitor the patient. It’s the first CPAP of its kind, and it’s easy to see why it’s one of the best for hospital settings.

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