Flow Safe II Disposable CPAP System EZflow Kit - Ports & EZflow MAX Continuous Nebulizer

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Integrated Nebulizer
• The Flow-Safe II EZ offers the capability of an in-line nebulizer.
• Uses only one oxygen supply source.
• Easy Set-up, less parts.

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CPAP System Consumes 50% Less Oxygen than original Flow-Safe
The Flow-Safe II EZ conserves oxygen while maintaining high FiO2 delivery. Saves resources and represents a major advantage on long transports. Increasing flow may be necessary when activating the nebulizer.
Built-in Manometer and Pressure Relief Valve
Only the Flow-Safe II EZ system features a built-in manometer for verified pressure readings. No assembly of separate apparatus. And the pressure relief valve automatically adjusts to avoid excess pressure.
Advanced Mask Design The Flow-Safe II EZ mask is lighter, easier to handle and is designed to form a better anatomical seal. The elastic head harness is easy-to-place with velcro straps that easily adjust for patient comfort.
• Includes Quick Connect Clips
• Straight Rotating Port
• Soft Forehead Padding easily adjusts reducing pressure on the nose
Accepts standard CO2 Sampling Port

Product Details

Designed for providing efficienct care, the Flow-Safe II Disposable CPAP is designed to conserve oxygen while providing high Fi02 delivery to the patient. This kit includes a Deluxe Mask with Ports and an EZflow MAX for continuous nebulization.

Flow-Safe II Disposable CPAP EZflow Kit Product Features:

• Oxygen Conservation Without Compromise

• Disposable To Prevent Cross-Contamination

• EZflow MAX Nebulizer Included

EZflow MAX Nebulizer

Our Flow-Safe II Dispsoable CPAP Kit includes an EZflow Max Nebulizer. The EZflow is a continous nebulizer to provide patients several hours of medication delivery.

The EZflow MAX features a small, yet extremely efficient small volume reservoir. This attaches to the aerosol mask included, eliminating any need for pole brackets or tubing. With an EZflow MAX, you can administer medication continousely for up to two hours with the nebulizer while also reducing rainout and inadequate dosing.

Oxygen Conservation Without Compromise

Flow-Safe II is made with an innovative and unique system that helps to reduce the amount of oxygen consumed from it by over 50%. Despite the conservation in oxygen, the Flow-Safe II maintains a high FiO2 delivery to the patient.

With its conservation of oxygen, the Flow-Safe II is perfect for long transports where resources could be limited. The device can also be utilized with standard flowmeters. That, coupled with the continuous nebulizer included, ensures that you can provide extended patient care for long transport without compromise.

Made To Be Disposable

The Flow-Safe II CPAP is made to be disposable after use. This allows clinicians an efficient method of executing CPAP procedures while preventing cross-contamination.

Paired with its affordability, the disposable CPAP system allows your facility to ensure each patient gets the necessary treatment without increasing the risk of bacteria and viruses from spreading.

The Flow-Safe II CPAP System provides an excellent solution for long transports with its EZflow MAX Nebulizer and oxygen conservation methods. Order your Flow-Safe II Disposable CPAP EZflow Kit today with Penn Care, a leading supplier for emergency responders.

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