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The AED Pro® provides the support used by rescuers to nearly triple survival.1 It provides the feedback both professionals and lay rescuers need to perform optimal CPR.

It features:
• Real CPR Help® to aid rescuers in delivering optimal compressions and improving the likelihood of survival
• See-Thru CPR® to reduce the length of interruptions by removing compression artifact
• A three-lead cable for basic monitoring using ECG electrodes
• Unique extended USB storage that allows immediate data transfer without leaving the scene

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◦ Made of Polycarbonate Siloxane (the same material professional football helmets are made of)
◦ Resistant to dust and high pressure, direct water spray (IP55 rating)

High-resolution LCD display
◦ Ideal for monitoring via ECG cable
◦ Shows heart rate, shocks delivered, and CPR compression depth

◦ Can use ZOLL’s popular one piece CPR-D•padz™ electrodes

Fast, accurate placement

CPR feedback on rate and depth
◦ Can use traditional 2-piece ZOLL® stat•padz™ II

Simple data transfer
◦ USB memory technology for unlimited data storage capacity
◦ Easily move data from AED Pro to PC via USB flash memory

5-year warranty

Rugged soft carry case


Semi-automatic with manual override
◦ Medical professionals can deliver treatment on demand
◦ Affordable alternative to expensive manual monitor/defibrillators

Rechargeable Battery*
◦ Greater capacity
◦ Longer run times

ECG cable

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