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The AED Pro® provides the support used by rescuers to nearly triple survival.1 It provides the feedback both professionals and lay rescuers need to perform optimal CPR.

It features:
• Real CPR Help® to aid rescuers in delivering optimal compressions and improving the likelihood of survival
• See-Thru CPR® to reduce the length of interruptions by removing compression artifact
• A three-lead cable for basic monitoring using ECG electrodes
• Unique extended USB storage that allows immediate data transfer without leaving the scene

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Here’s what’s included:
– ZOLL AED Pro with 5-Year Warranty
– 2 Sets of Adult Stat Padz II
– Non-Rechargeable Battery
– Rugged Soft Carry Case
– ZOLL RescueNet Code Review
– FREE “AED Equipped” Window/Wall Decal Learn More
– FREE AED Check® Tag Learn More

Product Details

When confronted with a life or death moment, harnessing the necessary equipment to meet the task of rescuing a fallen victim becomes vital. The Zoll Pro AED from Penn Care offers state of the art functionality. This device significantly enhances the chance for recovery in a real-world situation. Positioning itself among the top AED products on the market, it places life-saving tools into the hands of both professional and non-professional. The Zoll Pro provides top of the line monitoring and unmatched reliability for a superior product. This defibrillator meets the daunting demands presented by a life-saving scenario.

Zoll Pro AED Product Features:

• Three-lead cable, for basic monitoring while employing ECG electrodes

• Patented See-Thru CPR® system, which diminishes interference by removing compression artifact

• A full 5-year warranty, for a safe and friendly buying experience

• A rechargeable battery, for increased run times and capacity


The Zoll AED Pro defibrillator is constructed from Polycarbonate Siloxane, which is the same material used in football helmets. This rugged and sturdy composite means that it is ready to handle the requirements of any environment. It also reduces any potential interference from dust or water, possessing the ability to withstand a direct water spray up to an IP55 rating. The protective and durable soft carrying case delivers yet another layer of protection when on the move.


The Zoll AED Pro is highly compatible with the renowned one piece CPR-D padz electrodes, which are also offered from Zoll. For accurate feedback on compression rate and depth, Zoll's traditional 2-piece stat padz are another available option. All information is clearly displayed in a high-resolution LCD format. You'll easily see important metrics like the number of shocks delivered, heart rate, and the CPR compression depth. This makes for an ideal way to provide monitoring while using an ECG cable set-up.


The system used by the Zoll Pro AED is a semi-automatic one, with allowances for manual overrides. The result of combining these approaches allows medical professionals to provide immediate assistance. This help comes without the higher prices associated with other monitors or defibrillators. Once again, the Zoll Pro AED delivers the best of both worlds for stunning efficiency and capability. By matching a semi-automatic system with manual override functionality, both layperson and professional can feel confident while using the Zoll AED Pro.

Data Transfers

Data transfer is incredibly easy and flexible with the Zoll AED Pro. Take advantage of the built-in USB memory feature for an unrestricted amount of data storage capacity. Then, you can transfer your data from the Zoll AED Pro to a PC, while once again making use of standard flash USB. This level of versatility means that you will always stay in control of your crucial defibrillator data, free from any fuss or worry!

Having good-quality feedback is such an indispensable factor for any high-quality defibrillator. This opinion is substantiated by both the European Resuscitation Council and The American Heart Association. Minimal pausing and real-time feedback mean that the chances of conducting successful CPR are higher while using the Zoll AED Pro. The Zoll Pro's battery is fully compatible with Zoll's line of E Series, M Series, and R Series professional defibrillators.

The Zoll Pro provides pre-configured joule settings for both pediatric and adult care. The unit completes charging in less than 10 seconds when employing a new and fully recharged battery. You'll be prepared for a wide variety of circumstances. The accompanying Zoll administration software allows users to adjust the configuration to any specified medical protocols or directions for utmost efficiency. These factors mean that the Zoll AED Pro is in a league of its own when it comes to providing both top-class awareness and unrivaled usability.

Whether for training or real-world use, preparedness has a new name in the field of emergency cardiac electronic treatment. That name is the Zoll AED Pro. Get yours today and you'll be ready to face any life or death moment with confidence. 

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