Zoll AED Plus - Dependable, Durable Defibrillator

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What’s Included:
• ZOLL AED Plus with a 7-Year Warranty
• One-piece CPR-D•padz
• Duracell® Lithium Battery Set
• ZOLL AED Soft Carry Case
• ZOLL RescueNet Code Review Learn More
• ZOLL AED Plus Demonstration & Set-Up CD
• FREE Premium AED/CPR Responder® Pack Learn More
• FREE “AED Equipped” Window/Wall Decal Learn More
• FREE AED Check® Tag

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The ZOLL® AED Plus® continues to set the benchmark for design, dependability, durability, and performance. Only half of sudden cardiac arrest victims will initially need a shock, but all require high-quality CPR. The AED Plus guides rescuers in performing high-quality CPR and will deliver a shock if needed.

◦ CPR coaching and feedback
▪ Clear voice prompts, visuals, and text display to guide you through the entire resuscitation
▪ One-piece CPR-D•padz
▪ Allow the AED Plus to give real-time feedback on rate and depth of CPR compressions
▪ Voice prompts instruct you to press harder if chest compressions aren’t deep enough
▪ The voice prompt reassures you when you’re doing it right
▪ Easy to place on patient – fool-proof
▪ Markings show where your hands should be placed for proper chest compressions
▪ Five year shelf-life
◦ Consumer Batteries
▪ Uses 10 Type 123 Duracell® Lithium Batteries
▪ No expensive proprietary batteries
▪ Can be purchased in retail locations where batteries are sold
◦ Extremely water resistant
◦ 7-year warranty
◦ Soft carry case
◦ ECG display upgrade available for medical professionals
◦ Semi-Automatic
◦ Fully-Automatic
◦ Graphical Cover
◦ Stat-Padz™ II standard electrode pads – do not give feedback
◦ ZOLL® pedi•padz™ II pediatric electrode pads

What’s Included:
• ZOLL AED Plus with a 7-Year Warranty
• One-piece CPR-D•padz
• Duracell® Lithium Battery Set
• ZOLL AED Soft Carry Case
• ZOLL RescueNet Code Review Learn More
• ZOLL AED Plus Demonstration & Set-Up CD
• FREE Premium AED/CPR Responder® Pack Learn More
• FREE “AED Equipped” Window/Wall Decal Learn More
• FREE AED Check® Tag

Product Details

The Zoll Plus AED sets the standard for CPR assisting automatic external defibrillators. It features voice prompts to direct any rescuer through the entire resuscitation process and the capability to deliver a shock treatment if necessary. The Zoll Plus is compatible with the Stat-Padz II standard electrode pads and the popular one-piece CPR-D padz. You can also use Zoll's pedi-padz engineered for use with children.

Zoll Plus AED Product Features:

• Markings that clearly indicate where to place hands on the victim for proper chest compressions

• Voice prompts that guide the user and provides reassuring feedback when the process goes properly

• The ultimate compatibility with Zoll's powerful lineup of electrical diodes, offering readiness for any potential situation

• Available ECG display upgrades, making it a suitable option for medical professionals

• Sturdy graphical cover that delivers complete protection until it's time to use the AED


The Zoll AED Plus provides dependable accessibility in an expertly constructed and convenient package. Nothing on the Zoll AED Plus needs replacing for five years if not used. The machine also comes complete with a 7-year warranty to ensure you get only the best experience possible.

Each Zoll AED Plus runs on 10 Type 123 Duracell batteries without the need for pricey proprietary batteries that are hard to find. To the contrary, you can find the batteries used by the Zoll AED Plus in most common retail locations that sell batteries.


The Zoll AED Plus has a durable and water-resistant construction, able to take a pounding from rain or other elements and keep on ticking. This flagship automatic external defibrillator from Zoll has numerous features that guide the rescuer throughout the entire process. It also comes with simple and practical electrical diodes for ease of use when tending to a victim.


Among these features are the clear voice prompts that instruct the user to apply more pressure if chest compressions are not deep enough.

Having the ability to operate in both semi-automatic and fully-automatic modes means that anyone can use the Zoll Plus AED. Clear visuals provide vital feedback to the rescuer.


The Zoll AED Plus comes with a full 7-year warranty. You can have peace of mind, knowing that you are making a wise investment into the wellbeing of those you care for. People spend countless dollars on insurance policies in case something goes wrong, but in a real-time scenario, the Zoll AED Plus can save a life or prevent serious injury.

Thinking ahead can make the difference between life and death. The Zoll AED Plus places preventative measures into the hands of those responding to an unexpected cardiac arrest event.

The design of the Zoll AED Plus is extremely compact and portable, which means it's a fantastic choice for those always on the move or in a mobile setting. It is also customizable with a wide variety of accessories designed for the Zoll AED Plus. This includes wall mounts for easier access and carrying bags for added protection and accessibility.


The cost of ownership that comes with the Zoll Plus is low thanks to the efficient lithium batteries that optimize power at a much lower price than other options. The compatible PlusTrack app makes inspecting your system a total breeze. You'll have indicators and logs for the readiness of your AED available directly from your favorite tablet or smartphone!

When the unexpected strikes, don't be caught by surprise. Having the right equipment to counter the curveballs that life can throw at you could save a life. Time is everything during a cardiac event. Now you can respond in a timely and effective manner.

Cardiac events are something that no one wants to ever experience. Breathe easier knowing that if something does go wrong, there will be a system in place and at the ready to deal with it in the best way possible. Make the investment in the Zoll Plus AED today, and set in motion the preventative measures that could some day save a life or give new hope to a person in need. Get yours today!

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