Disaster Portable Morgue Unit - DPMU

Body Processing & Identification

During a catastrophic incident resulting in multiple fatalities, public health and safety is of the highest priority. In the event of a natural disaster, a mass fatality situation, or even another pandemic like the recent coronavirus scenario, morgue facilities can quickly become overwhelmed, unavailable or otherwise unreachable.

As a result, a Disaster Portable Morgue Unit can play an essential role in emergency response: providing a secure, properly equipped, and respectful space to handle multiple victims. Disaster portable morgue units can provide all of the tools necessary for local authorities to proceed with the identification, storage, and preparation of human remains.


Mass Fatality Management

Our Disaster Portable Morgue Unit – DPMU – is a fully-equipped mobile morgue that supports specially trained emergency response teams to provide morgue support in the event of a mass fatality incident. While no community wants to think about a mass casualty incident, it’s imperative that law enforcement and local authorities be prepared in case disaster strikes.



Importance of Disaster Portable Morgue Units

The mobile morgue includes the necessary equipment for search and recovery, victim identification, DNA, fingerprints, photography, full-body x-ray, digital dental exam, and pathology. This type of onsite mortuary offers a temporary solution for overwhelmed morgue facilities and provides the disaster mortuary response team with a space to perform autopsies with discretion.



Created With Your Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team In Mind

The mobile morgue unit’s range of victim identification capabilities include using latent print, pathology, odontology, anthropology, and DNA methodologies. The unit also includes equipment for postmortem care, such as body processing, preparation, and disposition.

Custom Design and Technical Assistance from Penn Care

Penn Care is fully equipped with both the services and experience to tailor our products to your specific needs and requirements. Afterall, disaster preparedness comes in many forms.

At Penn Care, we can custom-design a unit to meet your specific requirements and price range. Remember, our disaster portable morgue unit is designed with mobility in mind. It can be moved to the location of the event or disaster site and set up in a tent, warehouse, gymnasium, parking lot, or roadway.

Contact Penn Care

Penn Care has been assisting communities with our customized disaster portable morgue units for nearly 30 years. Whether you’re managing a FEMA-assisted natural disaster or working with local authorities to oversee a man-made mass casualty event, a mass fatality can happen anytime and anywhere. Unfortunately, no community is immune. Be prepared when disaster strikes.

Contact Penn Care today to learn more about our disaster portable morgue units and other emergency response products, like Mobile Morgue Expansion Trailers (MMETs) and Mortuary Enhanced Remains Cooling Systems (MERCs).