Mortuary Enhanced Remains Cooling System - MERC

Body Refrigeration

Mortuary Enhanced Remains Cooling System

The MERC System offers Temporary Cooling Systems (TCS) use liquid cooling technology and specifically designed cooling bags to provide the total solution to mass fatality response. Systems are scalable to meet your needs and can provide cooling for 1-48 remains. All MERC Systems are low-maintenance, portable, and can be fully operational in less than 15 minutes.

The MERC System brings down the core temperature of the cadaver much quicker than the air driven cooling systems. It is portable and can be used to turn any room or shelter into a morgue. The idea is that instead of cooling a whole room, each individual cadaver is being cooled. This system allows your community to set up in a tent, warehouse, gymnasium, parking lot, or roadway as a temporary morgue.
merc setup- solution

Carefully pour the specialized solution into the holding tank and switch the machine on.

merc setup- cooing the remains

Now place the patented MERC Cooling Pad over remains and carefully place arms on top of pad.

merc setup- connecting to cooling pad solution

Connect the cooling pad hoses to the MERC® System manifold and carefully zip the body bag.

merc setup- full system with tcs4

Carefully lift and place the cadaver onto an MRS cadaver storage system or into your trailer.

The MERC System is used to efficiently and continuously cool human remains and requires NO refrigerated or chilled air. The systems are completely portable and scalable to meet end-user requirements.  Penn Care is here to help you be prepared when disaster strikes.  Contact us today to learn more!