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Mortuary Enhanced Remains Cooling System

Most mass fatality incidents, by their very nature, overwhelm local morgue facilities. In these instances, refrigeration systems are often in short supply, and Penn Care’s Mortuary Enhanced Remains (MERC) System is designed to provide morgue support in the event that disaster occurs.

Designed with input from military and federal agencies as well as private companies, the MERC System utilizes liquid cooling technology and specifically designed cooling bags to quickly cool remains and provide the total solution to on-site mass fatality response.

MERC systems are scalable to meet a variety of needs and can provide cooling for 1-48 remains. All systems are low-maintenance, portable, and can be fully operational in less than 15 minutes. Their rugged, heavy duty, stainless steel construction makes them ideal for deployment in difficult environments.

Benefits of the MERC Refrigeration Unit

The MERC System brings down the core temperature of the cadaver much quicker than air-driven cooling systems. Instead of cooling a whole room, which can take hours or days, each individual cadaver is cooled individually.

Cooling is achieved with a liquid-based cooling system; liquid refrigerant is cooled to an operator-set temperature, then transferred from the unit to a cooling pad on each individual cadaver. Warm refrigerant is circulated back to the unit to be re-chilled.

The MERC System is portable and can be used to turn any room, tent, warehouse, gymnasium, parking lot, roadway or shelter into a temporary morgue. The system is easily transportable and can eliminate the need for standalone refrigeration units or large stationary walk-in coolers.

Units are available in three sizes:

  • Series 1 allows for cooling of up to 48 bodies
  • Series 2 allows for cooling of up to 24 bodies
  • Series 3 allows for cooling of up to 8 bodies

Each body storage and refrigeration unit includes the required number of cooling pads for that unit’s capacity.

merc setup- solution

Carefully pour the specialized refrigerant solution into the holding tank and switch the machine on.

merc setup- cooing the remains

Now place the patented MERC Cooling Pad over the remains and carefully place arms on top of the pad.

merc setup- connecting to cooling pad solution

Connect the cooling pad hoses to the MERC® System manifold and carefully zip the body bag.

merc setup- full system with tcs4

Carefully lift and place the cadaver onto an MRS cadaver storage system or into your trailer.

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The Mortuary Enhanced Remains Cooling System (MERC) is the most effective solution for cadaver cooling in a disaster or mass casualty environment.

MERC cold storage systems efficiently and continuously cool human remains while requiring NO refrigerated or chilled air. And, the systems are completely portable and scalable to meet end-user requirements.

For questions about body refrigeration units or other emergency response products, contact Penn Care today. We’re your go-to resource for disaster preparedness.