The Mounting System You Can Count On

Reliability is one of the most important factors concerning the performance of medical equipment. If first responders are to perform their job properly, every piece of their equipment must perform consistently. They can’t be expected to save lives if the medical devices they use every day can’t be relied upon to function. This not only includes the sophisticated technology that emergency medical services utilize, but also background and ancillary equipment like mounts and brackets.  

One of the most crucial medical devices that an emergency medical technician must be prepared to use is a defibrillator. This critical piece of technology is used to treat sudden cardiac arrest, which, unfortunately, can strike anywhere and anytime. 

Most defibrillators are portable medical devices, so that they can be easily transported by EMS workers as needed. But, there are other occasions when a defibrillator might need to remain stationary for an extended period of time (like on a stretcher with a patient or mounted in an accessible location inside an emergency vehicle). That’s where Technimount comes in!

Technimount is proud to introduce the Bracket Pro Serie® 75 mounting system for the Philips Tempus LS Manual defibrillator, and the Bracket Pro Serie® 76 for the Philips Tempus Pro Monitor. These are smart mounts designed to be utilized with the Technimount system of mounts. Once secured in Technimount’s Bracket Pro Serie®, your Philips Tempus LS Manual or Tempus Pro Monitor can be easily attached to the Technimount wall mount system, safety arm system, or floor mount using Technimount’s standard surface base


Features of the Technimount Pro Serie® Brackets

Technimount’s Pro Serie® mounting systems are specifically designed to allow EMS crews to transport the Philips Tempus LS Manual or Philips Tempus Pro Monitor safely by both ground and air. The mounting systems feature lightweight, high-density aluminum construction with a black-anodized finish and a polyurethane plastic handle that is easy to grasp. 

The durable construction of the Pro Serie® Mounting brackets gives these important devices the best protection against impacts and other forces. The Pro Serie® mounting systems have been tested in compliance with SAE J3043

What is SAE J3043?

SAE International is a professional association and standards-developing body for engineers working in various industries. SAE J3043 is the set of procedures devised to evaluate the integrity of a mounting device or system when subjected to a front or side impact. It is meant to provide manufacturers with criteria to ensure that equipment mounting devices meet the same standards across the entire industry. 

The Technimount Pro Serie® 75 and Pro Serie® 76 brackets are also designed to comply with the Federal Aviation Administration’s DOT 27.561 and DOT 27.562 aviation regulations. 

Federal Aviation Regulations

The DOT 27.561 and DOT 27.562 regulations govern the allowance of gravitational force acting upon the occupants of an aircraft, both in normal operation and during an emergency landing on land or in water. 

Emergency Vehicle Accidents

According to a study conducted by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration over a twenty year span, there was a yearly average of 1500 accidents involving ambulances, which caused an average of 2600 injured persons and 33 fatalities per year. Of those fatalities, one quarter were in the ambulance, either as the patient being transported or a member of emergency medical personnel. 

Due to the equipment-heavy nature of an ambulance or other emergency response vehicle, any unsecured piece of equipment can be dangerous to the occupants of the vehicle in the event of a collision. Technimount brackets help to reduce some of the danger of an emergency vehicle accident by keeping equipment securely in place. 

Both the Philips Tempus LS Manual and Philips Tempus Pro Monitor can be installed into their respective brackets without the use of screws, thereby keeping the device free of damage and interference to its functional capacity. This also facilitates easy removal of the device from the bracket when necessary, using the Red Quick Release Mechanism (located on the right side of the bracket of the Pro Serie® 75 and on the top of the bracket on the Pro Serie® 76). The brackets allow for complete access to all components and features of the device, while not interfering with any wires or connections. 

The anti-rotation back disc and standard bottom disc found on the Pro Serie® 75 and Pro Serie® 76 allow them to be mounted safely and securely without any concern about the devices falling off and possibly causing injury to the patient or harm to the device. 

The Pro Serie® 75 and Pro Serie® 76 mounting systems are built to be resistant to all biological fluids, and can be cleaned with quaternary-type disinfectants. 

Quaternary Disinfectants

Quaternary disinfectants, more commonly known as quats, are a family of common cleaning and disinfecting agents. Quats are both bactericidal and virucidal, making them especially useful at disinfecting high contact surfaces. They work by interfering with the activity of cellular membranes, and due to their chemical makeup, remain effective on surfaces for long periods of time. 

These brackets are also suitable for use in military environments, with the ability to be used in military vehicles such as personnel carriers and transport aircraft. 

About Technimount Medical Devices Company

Technimont was founded in Quebec in 2014 to fill a gap in the market for brackets and mounting systems for portable medical equipment. Their years of experience in the medical device field allows them to create advanced solutions for all aspects of the hospital and emergency medical service markets. 

Technimount’s products are tested to be compliant with the highest industry standards for impact resistance with an ambulance or emergency vehicle

Understanding the Philips Tempus ALS System

The Philips Tempus ALS is a dual system consisting of the Tempus LS-Manual Defibrillator and the Philips Tempus Pro Monitor. They are professional-grade devices designed for pre-hospital and hospital use. 

The Tempus LS-Manual Defibrillator 

The first half of the Philips Tempus ALS is the Tempus LS-Manual defibrillator. It is a compact unit that automatically pairs with the Tempus Pro Monitor when they are both in use. It has the capability to deliver at least 300 shocks at 200J, or over twelve hours of ECG monitoring. Adult and pediatric modes are available. 

The Tempus Pro Monitor

Completing the Philips Tempus ALS system is the Philips Tempus Pro Monitor. It features a 6.5-inch color display that’s easily readable even in daylight. All of the Monitor’s functions can be controlled via touch screen menus that can be operated with gloved hands. Additional features include a 4.3-inch thermal printer and an integrated camera. The rechargeable lithium ion battery provides over ten hours of battery life with the screen brightness at sixty percent or up to fourteen hours of battery life with battery saving mode activated. 

The Tempus LS-Manual Defibrillator and the Tempus Pro Monitor both have an operating temperature range of zero degrees Celsius up to fifty degrees Celsius. They can safely operate in an altitude range of negative 200 meters up to 5486 meters, and the monitor has an IP (ingress protection) rating of 66, while the defibrillator has an IP rating of 65. 

Expandability is a key component of the Philips Tempus ALS. The Tempus Pro Monitor’s imaging potential can be expanded through the unit’s USB and wireless interfaces. An optional plug-in ultrasound transducer can be used to perform basic ultrasound assessment. During airway management, an optional plug-in video laryngoscope imager can be used in conjunction with the monitor for laryngoscopy support. 

Your Provider for Mounting Solutions

Proper mounting brackets are extremely important for the security of your medical devices. Not only do they help avoid costly repairs or replacement of equipment, but they also prevent injury to both patients and EMS personnel. 

No other mounting system offers the same level of ease and versatility as Technimount. With universal mounts from Technimount, the Tempus LS-Manual and Tempus Pro Monitor can travel from an EMS vehicle to a stretcher system and accompany a patient into the emergency room. That means there’s less time spent disconnecting and reconnecting systems and more time available to focus on critical patient care. 

For additional information on these or any mounting solutions from Technimount’s product line, contact Penn Care! We are your leading supplier of medical devices and equipment!