Ferno KangooFix Neonatal Restraint System

It’s common for parent and a newborn baby to be transported together, but this can be unsafe in the event of a crash.

The Ferno KangooFix Neonatal Restraint System was developed so that infants could safely travel with their parent during non-critical ambulance transport. It secures the infant to their parent for a safe and comfortable journey.  Not only does this eliminate the need to use two vehicles and crew for transfers, but it also ensures a safer and improved environment for both mother and baby throughout the transfer to receive medical care at the hospital. Ferno’s KangooFix is a newly developed and patented harness system for transport of newborns in an ambulance. Ferno KangooFix has been designed to protect the child, keep the parent and infant in close contact. Offering a safe tool while allowing everyone to be securely fastened in an ambulance during transportation.


  • Safely secures newborn to mother, maintaining close contact at all times
  • Close contact between mother and baby is clinically proven to improve the condition of both mother and baby during transfers
  • The 5-point outer harness attaches to the ambulance cot harness
  • Quick-release system allows fast access for EMS professionals
  • “Face-up” mode enables EMS professionals to quickly monitor newborn
  • Inner harness and warming cover is sewn in to enable a secure fit
  • Inner harness and warming cover ensure breathability and comfort
  • Snug cocoon design and integrated skull cap keeps baby warm and secure
  • The material was clinically tested to guarantee no negative reaction on sensitive baby skin
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Easy to clean


The Ferno KangooFix has been designed to meet international test standards to increase safety for you and your patient.

  • EN 1789

Use the right device, purchase a Ferno KangooFix Neonatal Restraint System today!


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