Meet Our Team: Taylor Pease

Taylor Pease has been with Penn Care for over 20 years, he started working here right after graduating in 1999. Taylor had met the former Shawn Bryant & Don Bloom while working through school as a Lifeguard at Avalon County Club in Warren, OH. They saw potential and hired him to sell medical supplies specializing in the Stryker cot product line.

Through the years at Penn Care, Taylor has dabbled in selling medical supplies, software & ambulances. Taylor even relocated to the Columbus, OH area to sell ambulances for Penn Care. He then was promoted to Sales Manager and resumed his residence in Cortland, OH. In 2013, Taylor was yet again promoted to Director of Sales, a position where he oversaw all the Sales and Marketing efforts within the Penn Care network. In 2016, Taylor became an active partner of the Penn Care company. After the passing of Shawn Bryant, Taylor became the Vice President.

Taylor and his wife Shannon currently reside in Shannon’s hometown of Cortland, OH. Together they have 2 precious little boys: Connor  & Grant. Taylor is very athletic and enjoys golfing, swimming, and playing with his sons.

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