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Ambulance Servicing- HVAC System

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Spring is well underway and its time to discuss your ambulances’ air conditioning! For those of you in the south, it is a year-round event to keep the AC performing at its peak. For those of us in the snow-belt, we tend to forget about it for a few months; it is a good idea to just have a date on your Preventative Maintenance Schedule to make sure it is ready to go.

We recommend pulling the filter for cleaning or replacement. A dirty filter will restrict airflow which will reduce output CFMs. This will result in the blower motor having to work harder under higher amperage load, shortening its life. To support this claim, we’ve looked up our most common filter and our most common blower motor. With labor calculated in, your department can change 11 filters for the price of one blower motor, while at the same time increasing the performance of both the air and heat.

While you are at it, make sure the ends of the drain tubes are free and clear of anything that might block them. It could be road grime, a spider nest, etc. They hang down a few inches below the front corner of the module on the corner closest to the HVAC unit. If they are plugged, you will eventually get water from the condensation tray overflowing onto whatever is below it.

Check the blower to make sure it is operating freely. If it is dragging, it is on its way out and it will go out at the least convenient time.

Check the condenser for damage and to see if the fins need to be cleaned. There are many types of condensers, located in a variety of places. Some are more protected than others and some will need cleaning more often. The thing they all have in common is that they all work significantly better when they are clean and have the proper airflow around them.

While you are at it, look for oil seepage at the fittings which would be a sign of a failing o-ring or a loose-fitting.  If you have the equipment, you can put gauges on the unit to see if the Freon level is correct. If you end-up adding a small amount, there could be a small leak and you could add dye. Also, remember that Freon lines naturally seep. Some publications say up to 0.6% annually

Finally, run it for a while to make sure it is making cold air!

Providing routine and preventative maintenance can help protect your ambulance from major repair expenses by eliminating issues or detecting issues early enough to prevent more extensive damage. As emergency response vehicles, ambulances must always be maintained to provide a safe and reliable response. Some mechanical failures are inevitable, but preventative and regularly scheduled maintenance checks can eliminate these failures.  Remember that repairs on your ambulance are much easier when you can schedule them!

Corinthian DieterAmbulance Servicing- HVAC System
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User Interface Products Cleaning Recommendations, COVID-19

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To help prevent the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) and other infectious diseases, we recommend that exposed surfaces of products like displays, switches, and controllers be included in your department’s cleaning and decontamination procedures.

User Interface Cleaning process:

  • Personal protective equipment should be worn during any disinfection processes.
  • Before using any cleaner, ensure the disinfectant is listed by the manufacturer as safe for glass and plastics. It is recommended to test a small area and let it sit overnight before cleaning the entire display surface. Some solutions may stain or discolor this display.
  • DO NOT mix bleach and ammonia as this produces a dangerous chemical reaction

Utilize premixed disinfecting solutions if possible, Penn Care recommends the CaviWipes or Super Sani-Cloth Wipes.  If no wipes are available, spray the solution on a clean cloth and use as a wipe & avoid spraying the display surfaces directly. Thoroughly wipe all exposed surfaces according to the disinfectant product label. Finish by wiping with a clean dry cloth. An EPA listing of disinfectants and how long cleaners should be left on surfaces to work effectively can be found at

Touch Screens:
For touchscreen displays, care should be taken to remove any residue or buildup at the intersection of the touchscreen surface and the surrounding bezel. Failure to do so may result in improper touch operation. Cleaning solutions containing bleach, alcohol, and ammonia are corrosive to touch panel surface coatings and ITO film. Do not leave the solution on the touch panel surface for more than 2 minutes. Make sure to remove all residue when finished cleaning. When done correctly, this method of cleaning will not damage PCAP or resistive (including GFG) touch panels nor remove the AR coatings of LR and GFG LR touch panels.

When you clean the surface of your touch panel, please follow these steps:

  1. Apply cleaning agent to a clean cloth. Make sure the cloth is well saturated.
  2. Wipe touch panel in a “Z” motion, ensuring the cloth comes into contact with the entirety of the touch panel surface.
  3. Dry the panel thoroughly with a dry cloth, removing as much of the cleaning solution as possible.
  4. Please do not spray cleaning solution directly onto the touch panel surface.
Corinthian DieterUser Interface Products Cleaning Recommendations, COVID-19
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Carmel Fire Department Teams Up with Penn Care to Stop the Bleed!

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Carmel Fire Department located in Carmel, Indiana recently worked with Jeramey May to provide 1,200 custom Stop the Bleed Kits to their local schools. These kits have unfortunately become a necessity in our every day lives to help save innocent victims. Carmel has taken a huge step forward to ensure the safety of their children and faculty in case of an active shooter, or traumatic accident!

The national Stop the Bleed program is an awareness campaign which is a call to action for bystanders to become trained to help in the event of a bleeding emergency.  The Stop the Bleed campaign traces its origins to the aftermath of the traumatic school shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School which was in December of 2012. A few months later, results showed the victims died from severe bleeding. This severe bleeding, if controlled, could have likely kept them from going into shock until emergency help arrived on the scene.  After these findings were released, the White House’s Homeland Security Department nationally launched the Stop the Bleed campaign in October of 2015 with a call for action to begin training more people to become immediate responders until professional help arrives.   In September of 2019, it was noted more than 1 million people around the world have been trained to save a life through the Stop the Bleed program.

The only thing more tragic than a death from bleeding is a death that could have been prevented. Knowing the basics of bleeding control can drastically improve a victim’s chances of survival. Being prepared can not only save the life of a stranger but also someone you know and love.

Let Penn Care assist you to be better prepared by offering customized Stop The Bleed product kits for your organization.  Additionally, Penn Care has premade Three Bleeding Control Kits which are designed to provide a user with immediate access to products intended to stop traumatic hemorrhaging.


Contact Penn Care at 1-800-392-7233 or [email protected] today to discuss your organization’s Stop The Bleed kits needs today!





Corinthian DieterCarmel Fire Department Teams Up with Penn Care to Stop the Bleed!
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Ferno KangooFix Neonatal Restraint System

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It’s common for parent and a newborn baby to be transported together, but this can be unsafe in the event of a crash.

The Ferno KangooFix Neonatal Restraint System was developed so that infants could safely travel with their parent during non-critical ambulance transport. It secures the infant to their parent for a safe and comfortable journey.  Not only does this eliminate the need to use two vehicles and crew for transfers, but it also ensures a safer and improved environment for both mother and baby throughout the transfer to receive medical care at the hospital. Ferno’s KangooFix is a newly developed and patented harness system for transport of newborns in an ambulance. Ferno KangooFix has been designed to protect the child, keep the parent and infant in close contact. Offering a safe tool while allowing everyone to be securely fastened in an ambulance during transportation.


  • Safely secures newborn to mother, maintaining close contact at all times
  • Close contact between mother and baby is clinically proven to improve the condition of both mother and baby during transfers
  • The 5-point outer harness attaches to the ambulance cot harness
  • Quick-release system allows fast access for EMS professionals
  • “Face-up” mode enables EMS professionals to quickly monitor newborn
  • Inner harness and warming cover is sewn in to enable a secure fit
  • Inner harness and warming cover ensure breathability and comfort
  • Snug cocoon design and integrated skull cap keeps baby warm and secure
  • The material was clinically tested to guarantee no negative reaction on sensitive baby skin
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Easy to clean


The Ferno KangooFix has been designed to meet international test standards to increase safety for you and your patient.

  • EN 1789

Use the right device, purchase a Ferno KangooFix Neonatal Restraint System today!

Corinthian DieterFerno KangooFix Neonatal Restraint System
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Meet Our Team: Kris Wyant

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Kris Wyant is one of our Ambulance Sales Representatives for the state of Pennsylvania.  Kris joined the Penn Care team in January of 2019 overseeing the South Central portion of the state.  Kris has been in public safety for over 20 years.  He is a nationally registered AEMT, volunteer firefighter EMS Instructor and agency medical director in Somerset County, Pennsylvania.  Kris serves on several county and regional public safety boards and committees, constantly driving positive influence and progression within the EMS industry.

In Kris’s spare time, he spends it keeping up with his busy adult-aged daughters and cheering on his son in multiple sports and activities. Kris adores coaching his son’s football team.  As a family, they enjoy traveling and have visited Ocean City, Myrtle Beach, Orlando, and Niagara Falls to name a few.  He is patiently awaiting his lovely wife’s next family travel excursion idea.

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Corinthian DieterMeet Our Team: Kris Wyant
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Meet Our Team: Chris Lucas

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Chris Lucas has rejoined Penn Care’s team after a brief hiatus.  Chris is our EMS Supplies and Software Sales Representative for Southeast Ohio and West Virginia territories.  This is Chris’ second time with Penn Care. Here is a brief summary of the past 8 years: 4 1/2 years with Penn Care, then Chris worked in ambulance sales for 3 years and also a short stint in advertising sales when he “relocated” to Tampa, Florida.
Chris holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Youngstown State University in Youngstown, Ohio. Prior to sales, Chris studied Nursing at Jameson Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in New Castle, PA.
Chris, his wife Rebecca and 2 wonderful daughters, Hannah and Shannon, resumed their residence in New Middletown, Ohio.  He enjoys the beach, playing guitar, writing music, refurbishing homes and most of all spending time with his girls.



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Corinthian DieterMeet Our Team: Chris Lucas
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Meet Our Team: Jamie Bortmas

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Jamie Bortmas joined the Penn Care team in September of 2018.  She started out as our Accounts Receivable Agent and was promoted in 2019 to our in-house Accountant.  She was recently named as the 2019 Employee of the Year.

Prior to joining our team, Jamie worked at an Accounting firm for 13 years. She has an Accounting Degree from Trumbull Business College.  She has 2 sons: Samuel & Jackson and they reside in Jamie’s hometown of Niles, Ohio. They enjoy taking walks with the family’s dog named Bane.

Jamie has a typical Type A personality and loves cleaning, organizing and lives her life with her planner as her guide.  She is very creative and makes wreaths which she sells on Etsy and at local craft fairs.  She also likes to go shopping with her mom & sister.

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Corinthian DieterMeet Our Team: Jamie Bortmas
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Meet Our Team: Frank Dillon

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Frank Dillon works part-time as our Ambulance Parts & Warranty support person. Frank has been a personal friend of Penn Care as he has known our two owners since the 1980’s when they all worked side-by-side.  Frank officially joined our team about 5 years ago as an ambulance driver when he retired from full-time Law Enforcement. He dedicated 31 years to his community and held many roles within the Howland Township Police Department as a Police Officer, Patrol Sergeant, Detective Sergeant & Captain/Assistant Chief.  He currently is a part-time Bailiff at the 11th District Court of Appeals.

Frank resides in Howland, Ohio with his wife of 34 years, Mary Kay.  They have 2 grown daughters & 2 grandsons.  In Frank’s free time he enjoys spending time with his family, going to his grandsons’ baseball games & wrestling matches, playing the bass guitar, listening to music & reading.


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Corinthian DieterMeet Our Team: Frank Dillon
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Penn Care We Care Program: Ambulance Donation to the Bahamas

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Penn Care recently donated one of our Pre-Owned ambulances to the Cat Cay Medical Clinic Foundation located in the Bahamas.  The 2003 MedTec Type I ambulance was a trade-in vehicle from Rescue Hose and Ladder Company Ambulance Service located in Curwensville, PA. This unit will be used on the Bahama Island of Andros, a 100 mile long Island with 1 full time clinic, 1 doctor for 20,000 inhabitants & staffed by volunteer emergency physicians from the US and Canada. This ambulance will be an incredible asset to the people of Andros. The Andros Ambulance project is Cat Cay Medical Clinic Foundation’s effort to bring EMS to the outer islands of the Bahamas where currently they have nothing but basic clinics and no first responders. They desperately need first responder training and basic EMT equipment.  Penn Care also continued the donation by filling the ambulance with medical supplies. If you have any interest in repurposing used EMT equipment, Cat Cay Medical Clinic Foundation would be honored to accept charitable donations in support of their project and the people of the Bahamas.  Please contact Cat Cay Medical Clinic Foundation’s Director Dr. Kevin Hutton to make arrangements for donations.
Corinthian DieterPenn Care We Care Program: Ambulance Donation to the Bahamas
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Meet Our Team: David Chicoine

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David Chicoine is our Purchasing & Service Manager here at Penn Care.  He is our medical supply purchaser while overseeing the warehouse operations.  He is also responsible for our ambulance customer service inquiries including warranty, service & part issues.

David was hired in the Fall of 2016, however, he has been a part of our team for years. He was the Vice President of the former United Safety Authority one of Penn Care’s disaster response equipment vendors for many years.  In Spring of 2013, he wed Penn Care’s Office Manager, Jeannette Chicoine (nee Postlethwait).  In keeping with tradition, they were married in a Disaster Portable Morgue Unit (DPMU) in Oregon by a Chief Deputy Medical Examiner.  In David’s free time he enjoys photography, video gaming, and traveling.

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Corinthian DieterMeet Our Team: David Chicoine
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