Braun Ambulance E-Z O2 Lift

For the past 42 years, Braun Industries has been the leader in custom handcrafted ambulances. They have been committed to passing the knowledge, skills, and experience down to the next generations of their family owned operation. They are now under the leadership of the third generation and are still focused on delivering the finest emergency vehicles that are “Built for Life”.

In an effort to make the lives of paramedics and EMT’s everywhere just a little bit simpler, Braun has spent a lot of time developing the E-Z O2 lift. The result is an oxygen cylinder lift and storage compartment with a foot pedal that gives the user peace of mind when lifting an oxygen bottle.
gI_58890_E-Z 02 Lift

As anybody knows, oxygen bottles are hard to load and unload. This mechanism uses nitrogen filled gas springs that eases the bottle up and down. It is also located on the door of the compartment to make the most of the space provided.

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