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5 Medix Type II Silverhawk Ambulances Delivered to Smith Ambulance Service

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Five new ambulances? Now that’s quite the addition to a fleet! Congratulations to Smith Ambulance Service on their new 2011 Medix Ford Type II Silverhawk ambulance models. For more images of these ambulances, check out the Smith Ambulance Service delivery here.

Smith Ambulance Service Delivery - 5 2011 Medix Type II Silverhawk Ambulance Models

Smith Ambulance Services has been serving the communities of Northeast Ohio since 1983. Their coverage area includes Stark, Summit, Wayne, Holmes, Tuscarawas and Mahoning counties. Under the direction of President, Bob Smith, Smith Ambulance Services provides emergency and non-emergency medical transportation.

Smith Ambulance Services’ fleet includes advance life support units, several specialty emergency vehicles and non emergency medical transportation. In addition to basic medical equipment, advanced life support units have 12 lead cardiac monitoring equipment, I.V. solutions and medications to treat heart attacks, strokes, and all other medical emergencies. For specialty emergency vehicles, they have a Mass Casualty Incident trailer, 4-wheeled vehicles, golf-cart style transport vehicles and more. The non-emergency medical transportation units focus on safely transporting patients to and from nursing facilities, doctors appointments, and even special family events.

The Silverhawk ambulance is the workhorse of the Medix ambulance lineup. These emergency vehicles are geared for basic life support service. It is focused on safety, offering an emergency lighting package that includes a light-bar for increased visibility as a standard feature. Other features that come standard on the Medix Type II ambulance are handcrafted wood cabinetry, formed seamless upholstery, a full roll cage, high back technician seat and pre-wiring for an inverter. The Smith Ambulance Service models were built on 2011 Ford E350 XL chassis.

Thanks again to Smith Ambulance Service for your business!

annmarie5 Medix Type II Silverhawk Ambulances Delivered to Smith Ambulance Service

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