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2011 Braun Chief XL Ambulance Goes to Louisville

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Penn Care is proud to announce another recent ambulance delivery! This time, Taylor Pease had the pleasure of dropping off a 2011 Braun Chief XL ambulance to Louisville, Ohio. Congratulations to the Louisville Fire Department on their new emergency vehicle!

Check out more images of the 2011 Braun Chief XL Ambulance on our site.

Under the leadership of Chief John Fetty, the Louisville Fire Department is a very active organization. Aside from providing fire protection, rescue and EMS services to Louisville residents, the department helps in the school system by providing Fire Safety Education. They also perform fire and building inspecting and training for the public and conduct fundraising opportunities such as an aluminum can drive to benefit Akron Children’s Burn Center.

The Louisville Fire Department includes one full-time fire chief, four fire captains, and thirty firefighters/emergency medical technicians. While the department receives general training in all areas of emergency response, groups of individuals are trained in specialty areas such as hazardous materials and rescue. The department provides basic life support as well as advanced life support service.

With the addition of the 2011 Braun Chief XL ambulance to their fleet, the Louisville Fire Department will now be better prepared to deliver these life-saving services. They chose to go with the Braun Chief XL ambulance model due its superior construction, which means a safer emergency vehicle. This is not the department’s first Braun ambulance. They were very satisfied with their last Braun unit and chose to stick with the ambulance manufacturer when custom building their new emergency vehicle.

Has your department owned a Braun ambulance? Would you buy another one based on your experience? We’d love to hear from you! Please leave a comment below.

annmarie2011 Braun Chief XL Ambulance Goes to Louisville

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