2010 Braun Chief XL Ford-E450 Type III Ambulance Delivered to Marysville Division of Fire

It looks like this month is the month for Braun Chief XL ambulance deliveries at Penn Care! Mike Bowman, ambulance sales specialist at Penn Care for southern Ohio, recently delivered a 2010 Braun Chief XL Ford E-450 Type III ambulance to Marysville Division of Fire.

Congratulations Marysville on your new emergency vehicle!

2010 Braun Chief XL Ford-E450 Type III Ambulance Delivered to Marysville Division of Fire 2010 braun chief xl ford e450 type iii ambulance delivered to marysville division of fire0

More on the Marysville Division of Fire Braun ambulance can be found here.

The Division of Fire for the City of Marysville, Ohio was organized in 1845. In 1973, they became one of the first communities outside of the metropolitan Columbus area to institute paramedic services.  Today, under the leadership of Chief Gary Johnson, they are a full-time division with 43 employees operating out of one station. They provide fire, Advanced Life Support (ALS) EMS, and technical rescue services to 30,000 people living in 86 square miles. They have an impressive fleet of apparatus that includes one aerial tower, two engine companies, one grass fight, three ALS ambulances, and two rescue boats!

The 2010 Braun Chief XL Ford E-450 Type III ambulance is the latest emergency vehicle to join their ranks. The primary reason why they chose this Braun model over another ambulance was the quality. Braun Industries has been making custom handcrafted ambulances since 1972. Every emergency vehicle they produce is custom designed by a design engineer to meet the department’s unique specifications. Ambulance models are designed in-house at Braun using Solidworks 3D CAD software. High tech, top-of-the-line equipment is used to construct the parts and the module is welded together to create maximum safety and strength recognized as Braun’s integrated SolidBody construction. All chassis prep functions are completed per OEM specifications. Interior parts are designed and assembled for every customer order. A quality assurance team performs a road test and an 800 item check-off list to ensure the ambulance has been completed to meet customer specifications. A pre-delivery inspection and “four corner” weight distribution inspection pit also allow customers to inspect the underside for their finished ambulance. With all that said, Braun manufactures ambulances that are “built for life” and the citizens of Marysville can look forward to being served by one for years to come!

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