Vest Kit, NIMS/HICS 26-position Hospital Incident


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HICS 2014 Command Vest Kit – 26 Position for Medium Hospitals

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By: Disaster Management Systems  |  MPN: DMS-05312
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The DMS HICS 2014 Hospital Incident Command 26 Position Vest Kit™ supports a monumental effort by the HICS National Working Group, the National Integration Center, and the Emergency Management Institute in providing medical facilities nationwide with a truly flexible command structure that meets the requirements of the national response plan. Now includes the “Patient Family Assistance Branch Director” position.
All Disaster Management Systems’ HICS Kits are the only kits that ship ready to deploy as soon as you receive them. Not just a bag of vests, every position vest is shipped with position responsibility sheets on clipboards with pens and ready to roll.


26 Dynamic Vests for the Following Positions:

– Incident Commander
– Public Information Officer
– Safety Officer
– Liaison Officer
– Medical/Technical Specialist*
– Planning Section Chief
– Situation Unit Leader
– Resource Unit Leader
– Documentation Unit Leader
– Demobilization Unit Leader
– Operations Section Chief
– Staging Officer
– Medical Care Branch Director
– Infrastructure Branch Director
– Security Branch Director
– Business Continuity Branch Director
– Patient Family Assistance Branch Director
– HazMat Branch Director
– Logistics Section Chief
– Service Branch Director
– Support Branch Director
– Finance/Administration Section Chief
– Time Unit Leader
– Procurement Unit Leader
– Compensation/Claims Unit Leader
– Cost Unit Leader
– Responsibility Cards for Each Position with Clipboard and Pen
– Durable Carry Bag
*Provided as a window style vest including synthetic paper inserts imprinted with all 10 HICS Medical/Technical Specialist Positions