Go-Kit, EMT3, 8 Position Basic


8 Position Go-Kit Basic First Responders

SKU #: 05-48900

First Responders

By: Disaster Management Systems  |  MPN: DMS-05778
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This kit contains 8 essential ICS branch positions. In addition to position job description and procedure sheets, 4 storage clipboards, 4 standard clipboards, Triage Unit Leader patient count tally sheets, spare Triage Team tally sheets, Treatment Area Manager accountability receipt holders, transportation receipt holders, Ambulance Staging form ICS-310, bed availability worksheet, 50 DMS-05420 All Risk® Triage Tags, 1 – DMS-05890 Pad of 25 ICS 214 Activity Logs, 10 Pediatric JumpStart/Glasgow Coma Score reference cards.

Medical Branch
• Triage Unit Leader
• Treatment Unit Leader
• Immediate Treatment Manager
• Delayed Treatment Manager
• Minor Treatment Manager

Transportation Branch
• Ground Ambulance Coordinator
• Patient Transportation Unit Leader
• Medical Communications Coordinator