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Separate from an EOC, the function of the Area Command is to develop broad objectives for the impacted area and coordinate the development of individual incident objectives and strategies. In addition, Area Command will set the priorities for the use of equipment and manpower available to the area.

SKU #: 05-11605D
Dynamic Vest
By: Disaster Management Systems  |  MPN: DMS-05305D
SKU #: 05-11605W
Window Vest
By: Disaster Management Systems  |  MPN: DMS-05305W


An Expansion of the Incident Command Function
Primarily designed to manage a very large incident or area that has multiple incidents, an area command can be established at any time that incidents are close enough that oversight direction is required among incident management teams to ensure that conflicts do not arise.
Key Features:
► ANSI II Compliant
► One Size Fits Most
► Synthetic Nylon, Break-Away Vests
► High-Glow ANSI Reflective Stripes

Kit Contents:
• 9 Dynamic Position Vests
• 9 Responsibility Cards
• 9 Clipboards & Pens
• Durable Carry Bag

Vest Positions Included:
• Area Commander
• Assistant Area Commander
• Assistant Area Commander Logistics
• Area Commander Critical Resource Unit
• Area Commander Liaison Coordinator
• Area Commander Aviation Coordinator
• Assistant Area Commander Planning
• Area Commander Situation Unit
• Area Commander Information Officer

Window Vests: Window vests allow you the versatility to create your own positions when needed.
Window Vest Key Features:
► ANSI II Compliant Design
► All Nylon Construction
► Easy-On and Easy-Off
► Machine Washable
► One Size Fits Most
► Synthetic Paper Placard for All-Weather Operation

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