Adscope™ 641 Sprague Stethoscope with 22’’ Tubing


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Adscope® 641
Sprague Stethoscope

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Why own just a Sprague stethoscope when you can own an Adscope™ Sprague?
The Adscope® 641 Sprague features:
• Threaded chestpiece drum of chrome plated zinc permits the use of five interchangeable chestpiece fittings – an adult and pediatric diaphragm, and three bells (1 1/4″, 1″, 3/4″) – for complete diagnostic capability on most patients
• Double tube configuration, not made with natural rubber latex
• Proprietary valve mechanism eliminates acoustic leakage
• Adjustable aluminum binaurals
• Convenient 22″ tubing length in 31 model options
• Complete with an accessory pouch containing the bell chestpieces, chestpiece key, 2 spare diaphragms, one pair of hard eartips and one pair of soft clear eartips
• Weighs 7 oz.
• Overall length 30″
• 5 Year Warranty
• Inspected and packaged in the U.S.A.
• Optional retail packaging (see photos) is available for a slight upcharge; add a “Q” to the item number when ordering

Chestpiece: 640-01
Diaphragm 1: 640-03
Diaphragm 2: 640-03S
Diaphragm 3: 1of ea
Ret Ring: 640-02/S
Non Chill Ring: N/A
Binaural//Tubing Assembly: N/A
Binaural: 640-05
Tubing: 641-05TBB
Eartips Included 1: 640-07
Eartips Included 2: 640-09
Eartips Included 3: 640-10
Hip Clip: 218
STH 1: 219

Product Details

Achieve the highest level of insight with the Adscope 641 stethoscope. This sprague stethoscope is uniquely constructed for top performance in real-world and professional environments. The Adscope 641 Sprague comes available in a large variety of colors, as well as a 5-year warranty for total confidence and safety.

Adscope 641 Product Features:

• Patented valve mechanism that defeats any potential for acoustic leakages

• Adjustable aluminum binaurals for a long-lasting and dependable construction

• Premium 22" tubing that is available in over 30 model options

• Apply the chestpiece fitting of your choice. Compatibile with a large number of other stethoscope chestpieces

Accessory Pouch

An accessory pouch contains the associated bell chestpieces, the chestpiece key, two additional spare diaphragms and one pair each of both hard and soft eartips. Accuracy and dependability are paramount when it comes to deciding on the correct stethoscope. The Adscope 641 Sprague offers both in matchless abundance.

High Quality

The Adscope 641 stethoscope is admired by leading medical experts across a wide number of fields. Chrome plated zinc composes the threaded chestpiece drum for optimal sensitivity and reception.

The double tube construction offers the truest feedback. Inferior rubber latex is nowhere in this high-quality stethoscope. Experts from almost every medical area have come to recognize the Sprague for its attention to detail and consistent level of performance.

Old world craftsmanship meets precision manufacturing for practical and effective results. The versatile Adscope 641 Sprague is capable of a wide array of configurations to best suit an individual's preference or occupation.


The ability to apply the chestpiece of your preference to the Adscope 641 stethoscope means that you can make it your own. Switch out the Adscope Sprague chestpiece for those found in other models, such as those found in the entire line of American Diagnostic Corporation's Spragues.

This freedom means that the Adscope Sprague can be custom-fitted for any patient application. It is this level of performance that frees medical professionals to complete the job at hand in a thorough and successful manner.


The Adscope 641 Sprague weighs in at only 7 ounces. It will not get in the way of conducting an examination, while allowing for optimal usability. At an overall length of 30", the stethoscope is maneuverable without becoming a nuisance to the examiner. Balance and capability are what sets the Adscope 641 apart as a fantastic choice for the working medical expert. It features a comprehensive set of features to deliver solid results, day in and day out. Few other stethoscopes have the level of excellence and attention to detail that Adscope puts into every Sprague.

Each Adscope Sprague is inspected and packaged in the United States and presented to the customer with a 5 year warranty. Being able to diagnose and monitor with the highest quality stethoscope means the patient has the best opportunity to receive an accurate and rapid diagnosis.

Nurses and doctors in any medical field can appreciate this level of unwavering precision. With the Adscope 641, you can be certain to get accurate and reliable feedback whenever it is properly used. Whether you work in a hospital or a retirement home, this stethoscope is for you.

Make sure you and your associates have the best stethoscopes on the market and buy the Adscope 641 Sprague today. No matter what the situation calls for, the Adscope 641 will meet the challenge. The premium materials and reliable performance will make this your favorite stethoscope. Get yours today!

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