ADC Proscope 672 Dual Head Training Stethoscope


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Proscope™ 671 Dual Head Teaching Stethoscope

SKU #: 04-06401
By: ADC  |  MPN: 671


A Proscope™ Dual Head that allows student and instructor to listen simultaneously.

The Proscope™ 671 features:
• Combination diaphragm/bell Proscope™ chestpiece
• Two sets of adjustable aluminum binaurals
• Two sets of flexible 22″ and one straight 10″ length of black PVC tubing, made without phthalates
• Weighs 6.5 oz.
• Overall length 44.5″
• Inspected and packaged in the U.S.A.
• One-year warranty

Product Details

Do you need sets of new stethoscopes to teach and train with? Are you looking for an affordable solution? The Proscope 671 Dual Head Training Stethoscope is manufactured by ADC is perfect for your needs.

Proscope 671 Product Features:
• Combination diaphragm/bell Proscope™ chestpiece
• Two sets of adjustable aluminum binaurals
• Two sets of flexible 22″ and one straight 10″ length of black PVC tubing made without phthalates

Dual Head Design

What makes this dual training stethoscope so great is its combination diaphragm/bell chestpiece. This dual head design is great because of its versatility. The dual head training stethoscope allows a far greater frequency response compared to other stethoscopes, making it an extremely useful tool for anyone that is learning to detect sounds with a stethoscope.

The larger side of the diaphragm allows the listener to hear the higher frequency sounds of a heart, which aids in finding any irregularities. The opposite side of the diaphragm, the bell, is ideal for detecting lower frequencies such as lung sounds.

Two Aluminum Binaurals

What makes the Proscope 671 perfect for teaching is its two sets of aluminum binaurals. This allows both a student and a teacher to listen to a single subject simultaneously. It’s the perfect companion for any medical class and a must for those serious about their profession.

Phthalate-Free Material

Animal studies have shown that phthalate-made materials can harm internal organs like the kidneys and liver. The Proscope 671 is made using phthalate-free material, so you can avoid the risk of running into internal complications.

Quality And Comfortability

The length of the dual head training stethoscope is 44.5”, which makes using the device between two people comfortable. Each unit is inspected and packaged in the U.S.A, so you’re certain to get a quality product. If there are any issues with your product, however, the Proscope 671 comes backed by a one-year warranty, allowing you even further peace-of-mind.

If you’re a new doctor, nurse, caregiver, biology student, pediatrician or EMT the Proscope 671 dual training stethoscope is the perfect teaching companion. No matter the field, you won’t go wrong with this dual head training stethoscope.

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