Sharps, 1 Gallon, Container

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Sharps-A-Gator™ Sharps Container, Slide Lid, Red, 1 Gallon

Container, 1 Gallon, Red, Clear Sliding Lid, 4.8″H x 7¼”D x 8½”W

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By: Cardinal Health  |  MPN: 31143699
case of 32 eaches


This 1-Gallon sharps container isdesigned for safety, convenience and quality. The container features alarge opening for depositing needles and waste along with a universalneedles key that provides safe, one-handed removal and disposal ofneedles from phlebotomy devices. This container is designed as a tabletop unit. The lid has a sliding closure that can be temporarily closedwhen the container is not in use. Once the container has been filled,the lids can be permanently locked for safe disposal. Manufactured byKendall Healthcare.

Size: 4.8″H x 7¼”D x 8½”W