Emesis Bag, MedSource Disposable Yack Sack

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Disposable bag for vomit and urine. Press ends of top to open; extra-wide rigid collar allows easy, one hand use. The easy to use opening creates a funnel for a mess free use. Inner valve automatically seals shut which prevents contents from leaking or spilling. 12/pkg. Graduated from 50cc to 1000cc; Opaque White.

Product Details

The MedSource Yack Sack (Emesis Bag) is the premiere choice for proper vomit and urine disposal. This disposable bag has an inner valve acting like a suction unit that automatically seals shut to prevent its contents from spilling or leaking. The press ends at the top make it easy to open, and its extra-wide and rigid collar makes it easy to use for the patient, even with just one hand available. The rigid top also provides a funnel to aid in mess-free use. The color of the bag is opaque white with easy to read graduated markings for a convenient view and ability to measure contents from 50cc to 1000cc. The Yack Sack benefits both patients and medical providers with easy usage and disposal.

Perfect Emesis Bag for Any Patient Type

The MedSource Personal Access Bag features an easy to use opening that creates a funnel for mess-free use. The special regulating system locks contents into the bag, keeping contents contained even if the bag is dropped or turned upside down. With such an easy to use funnel and reliable seal for disposal, this emesis bag can be used anywhere, in any medical office, hospital, or even emergency transport vehicles. These features make the Yack Sack easy to use for any patient, including oncology, radiology, pediatrics, PACU, emergency, labor and delivery, home health, EMS, and outpatient clinics.

Prevent Exposure and Excess Odor

Anything can happen during patient transport. The MedSource Yack Sack bag offers the convenient ability to contain and easily dispose of fluids such as vomit and urine. With an automatic seal shut, this bag offers personal protection for healthcare professionals.

Body fluids present a biohazard risk when others are exposed, which is why this bag is only intended for single use and immediate disposal. With an easy to use funnel into the bag and self-contained disposal, healthcare providers do not need to transfer the fluids and risk exposure. Each package contains 12 bags for medical supplies and first aid kits to keep your emergency vehicles sanitary. Having a no hassle, easily disposable personal access bag aids in proper infection control for both patients and their providers.

Disposable emesis bags are preferred to basins or open containers as they completely capture the fluids, reducing exposure and providing personal protection for both healthcare workers and patients. There is less likely to be a spill or excessive odor, and the special regulating system locks the contents inside for secure disposal (which is more effective than more traditional designs). Made to be contained despite being dropped or turned upside down, the risk of spill is highly diminished and odor can be reduced. The MedSource Personal Access Bag measures 5” in diameter and 12” in height. These emesis bags are compact in size to aid in easy storage, and a dispenser can also be purchased to provide quick access.

Add the Yack Sack to your medical supplies and first aid kits to always have an easy and secure way to dispose of body fluids.

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