Reeves Sleeve II,


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Modified from the Reeves Sleeve 122 stretcher to include 10 padded carry handles instead of 6, and a reinforced bottom for added strength. Allows for optimal maneuvering through tight places, such as on board a ship.

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By: HDT Expeditionary Systems, Inc  |  MPN: 


Reeves Sleeve II Stretcher is one of three Reeves Sleeves offered that is designed for rapid immobilization of spinal and neck injuries in tight places. The Reeves Sleeve II has a load capacity that has been independently tested to over 1,000 lbs. It is constructed of lightweight 18 oz. vinyl-coated polyester that is easily washed with soap and water, highly resistant to acids and alkali, and unable to be penetrated by liquids. One (1) vertical lift point and four (4) horizontal lift points for helicopter hoist capability allow the Reeves Sleeve II to hoist patients from any angle. A storage pocket for the hoist cables is built into the Sleeve. Ten (10) padded carry handles allow personnel to maneuver through the narrowest of openings. For additional support, the Reeves Sleeve II includes a reinforced bottom, removable Velcro head-securing blocks, adjustable head- and chin-securing straps, a chest- and arm-securing flap with Velcro, a leg-securing flap with Velcro and a spine board compartment for added strength and rigidity. Five (5) chest and leg straps and a “fail-safe” strap with plastic buckles are added for additional security. Optional metal buckles are also available.

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