Zoll X-Series Thermal Paper with Grid (80mm)


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ZOLL X Series Thermal Paper with Grid – 80 mm (Box of 6 Rolls)

Compatibility: Zoll Propaq, Zoll X Series

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Box of 6

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ZOLL X Series Thermal Paper with Grid – 80 mm (Box of 6 Rolls)

Compatibility: Zoll Propaq, Zoll X Series

Product Details

Zoll X-Series Thermal Paper with 80mm grid is a chart paper trusted by professionals to track their patient’s heart health. Ensuring you have all the equipment needed to perform your tasks, whether in standard practices or emergency situations, is essential, and that includes having chart paper on hand for the Zoll X-Series defibrillator. This chart paper allows first responders and professionals to properly provide accurate data when using the medical equipment.

This thermal paper comes as 80mm rolls printed with a grid for charting, and as with many other medical supplies, rolls are sold in packages and pricing is based on a box of six rolls.

Features of Zoll X-Series Thermal Paper
• Works with Zoll Medical X-Series Monitor/Defibrillator
• Comes in 80mm grid size for routine or emergency work
• Box of six rolls allows you to easily stock up
• Compatible with Zoll Propaq and Zoll X-Series

Zoll X-Series Critical Features
The Zoll X-Series features Real CPR Help technology which nearly triples a patient’s chance to survive cardiac arrest. Its 12-lead capabilities reduce time-to-balloon by interfacing all lead ECG/EKG management and STEMI systems. This product is WiFI integrated which simplifies transmission and charting and has a remote view functionality that allows clinicians to see real-time data from the X-Series screen through a cellular or WiFi connection.

The Zoll X-Series has extensive monitoring capabilities, plus AED and real-time CPR feedback, which addresses the real-life problems many EMS workers encounter. During transport, when a patient goes into cardiac arrest and needs a defibrillator, with the Zoll X-Series, first aid professionals have access to both monitoring and defibrillation capabilities in one compact device. The X-Series is the optimal choice for patient transport with advanced monitoring features like capnography, pulse oximetry, three invasive pressures, two temperature channels, non-invasive blood pressure, and 12-lead capabilities.

Compared to the M-series, the Zoll X-Series has the following advantages:
• Higher sampling rate
• Counter timebase of 100 MHz
• Four counters with advanced features
• 10 MHz on all four counters
• Digital debouncing filters available on all digital lines
• Eight DMA channels
• Buffered counter outputs
• Dedicated sample clocks for digital I/O tasks
• Retiggerable tasks
• Simultaneous sampling available on some boards
• Higher throughput for streaming over PCle and PXle busses

Remember, this equipment can cause serious injury if misused and should only be used by medical professionals.

The Zoll X-Series Thermal Paper with 80mm Grid is what you need for your defibrillation equipment to record reliable and accurate patient data. Buy this trusted printer paper in boxes of six to ensure you never run out. Add this item to your Penn Care shopping cart and checkout today!

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